Thursday, 22 September 2011

Review: Max Factor Earth Spirits Ultra Aqua Eyeshadow

Hey there!

Ever thought you'd never be able to pull off wearing turqoise/aqua eye shadow?

Well now you can with Max Factor's Earth Spirits Ultra Aqua Eyeshadow!

Picture taken under natural lighting
 I received this product from Yuberactive for review purposes.

What do you think of the colour? Is it not pretty?! =D

Ultra Aqua is a very pretty shade of light turqoise with a shimmery golden undertone to it.

Picture taken under indoor lighting. Looks green-ish.
It has a very smooth and silky texture and does not have fall out, which is great!

Below are swatches of this eyeshadow on my hand.

Left: 15 strokes Right: 9 strokes
 Left side of the picture is when the product was swatched with my dry finger.

Right side of the picture is when I swatched the product with a wet finger.

As you can see, the colour swatch on the right side applied with a wet finger appears more vibrant and true to the colour. I also used less colour for that!

Here's a picture of my eyes with the shadow applied all over the lid.

Eyeshadow applied without any base or eye primer

The colour is not very pigmented which I do not really like but it's suitable for those who like to be able to slowly build up the colour on their eyes.

The use of an eye primer or base is a must to ensure the shadow lasts long.

However, it does give the eyes a pop of colour and is definitely attention-grabbing! I tried it separately as an eyeliner and it works well too.

At only RM11.90, it's definitely affordable and worth purchasing, I should think.

Would I buy it? -YES!

Would you give aqua/turqoise eyeshadow a go?

xx Amanda


  1. FOTD NOW! ^.^ As for eyeshadows of this color, I have one from Elianto. Works like a charm heh heh.


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