Thursday, 1 December 2011

Review: Freeman Facial Creamy Scrub Apricot

Hey ya dearies! Am back with me next review! =D

Product: Freeman Creamy Scrub Apricot
Price: RM18.90
Made in: USA
Content: 150ml

List of ingredients:

Packaging: I found the packaging quite attractive- bright pink definitely caught my eye! Also liked how they constrasted the pink tube with an apricot. =D It's a squeezy tube which makes dispensing the scrub a breeze- just squeeze and scrub! It's a reasonably slim tube which can be held easily, and is also not too heavy to carry around if you really wanted to.

Application/Texture/Consistency: I mentioned above that the squeezy tube really helped speed up using the product. Product also does not come out too much at a time, so you can be rest assured that you will not be squeezing out too much product at one time.

The texture of the scrub is creamy, peach in colour, and has little grains in it which help exfoliate my skin well without being too rough and scratchy on the face. The creamy texture also helps moisturise my face and applied smoothly on my face.

Scent: It really does smell like apricot, but is not overpowering at all that I got put off from using it- very 'cute' scent! =D

How I use it: After cleansing my face, I squeeze out a pea-sized dollop of product and massage it in circular motions onto my damp skin, then wash it off with water. My skin felt smooth and looked slightly more radiant after using it. This scrub does not irritate my sensitive skin, does not leave it taut and causes no breakouts- I like! =D I use this product once a week as part of my skincare routine.

Price: At RM18.90, I think it's quite affordable for the amount of good quality product I get, especially since it can last for a while!

Here's how it looks like:-

Looks peach in colour, doesn't it? =D

Can you see the lil' grains in the scrub? I'll smoosh it out so you can see it better:-

Would I repurchase this?- Yep! I think it is a good quality scrub which suits my skins needs and is affordable. Plus, I like the fact that they do not test their products on animals. It's animal-cruelty free! =D

Where can I purchase this?- You can find this in pharmacies such as Watsons, Caring, and Guardian as well as supermarkets like Carrefour and Jusco.

What face scrubs have you tried? =)

xx Amanda


  1. nice review, I am going to get this one :)

    1. Thank you! Hope you will enjoy using it! =)

  2. I couldnt find it anywhere in watson and gardian .

    1. Hi Roxana! Maybe they have discontinued it? Although I don't see why they would. Maybe check out Caring? I can't help to check currently because I am not in Malaysia.. sorry! =S


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