I am not an expert and all reviews are my honest opinions based on my own experience with the products used. I always try to be fair in my reviews by stating the pros and cons of a product.

All products are purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise. I do not get paid to do reviews or to publish guest posts unless otherwise stated. Should products be provided by PR companies for review purposes, I assure you that my review is my own honest opinion and is not biased towards or against the sponsor/PR. As of August 2013, all products marked with an asterisk (*) are provided by PR companies/brands for review purposes.  If I am paid to write a post, I will include an asterisk (*) somewhere in the post and put a note at the bottom of the post indicating that it is a sponsored post. Opinions are 100% honest and will not be compromised as I believe that honesty is the best policy. Products are also accepted only if it fits the content and aesthetics of this blog.

I do not guarantee that everyone will have the same experience as I did in using the products as different people have different skin as well as different experiences. I will not be held liable if products recommended are not suitable for you.

I hope you enjoy your time reading Beautee Beauty!


I claim total copyright over all articles and photos used in Beautee Beauty. Usage of any part of text or a photo is prohibited.

If you would like to use an excerpt from a text or photo from Beautee Beauty, please obtain permission from me first. If permission is given, please credit http://beauteebeauty.blogspot.com/ or product an attribute link to this site.

Should you want to use a photo from my blog, please publish a credit back to my blog. Please do not crop the photos and use it as your own. All photos will have a watermark placed by me and I would appreciate if you would let the watermarks remain.

Any infringement of my rights will lead to me taking legal action.

So thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy your stay at http://beauteebeauty.blogspot.com/!

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