Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Review: Silkygirl Magic BB Cream in 01 Natural

Hello dearies!

So I've been trying out different BB creams recently (all of which I will review soon, hehe!) and I've got one to review here today!

Product: Silkygirl Magic BB Cream in 01 Natural
Price: RM29.90
Made in: Thailand
Content: 20ml

I received this product as part of a goodie bag at this event. This BB cream claims to be an all-in-one product where it moisturises, conceals, brightens, control shine and acts as a makeup base, to name a few. It also has SPF30/PA+++ which is definitely a plus point, although I do not rely on SPF in makeup products itself and always prefer to use a sunblock before applying makeup on my face. This BB cream is not tested on animals.

Here's what it claims to do:-

Packaging: this BB cream comes in a light blue plastic tube packaging with a white cap and a darker blue motif design at the side. Simple packaging, nothing too fancy. It has a squeezy top with a very small hole which helps control the amount of product dispensed- I like this as it really does ensure that I do not squeeze out too much product and end up wasting it. It is also hygienic method of dispensing product and there is unlikely to be wastage of product because I can squeeze the tube to the max to get all product out.

Here's the list of ingredients:-

Application/Texture/Consistency: The product has a cream texture which spreads and blends easily on the skin, and the texture is quite light so after applying the BB cream, I don't feel like there is anything sitting on my skin. There is no hint of dewiness in the finish, and neither is it matte, so I would best describe it as a natural finish. It dries quickly and does not leave an oily or greasy feel as well. I find the coverage to be light, because it did not conceal any of my blemishes or spots, although it did cover all redness on my face. So any blemishes of spots that need covering would do much better with a proper concealer. It also did cover and minimise the appearance of pores on my nose, but the pores on my forehead were emphasised, maybe because that is an oilier place on my face.

Scent: This product claims to be fragrance-free; besides the typical scent that I seem to detect in all BB creams, I do agree that it is fragrance-free in the sense that it has no additional fragrance and there is no fragrance once applied on the face.

Durability: This product lasts for approx. 4-5 hours before it fades away completely. However, it does get abit streaky throughout the day.

How I use it: I just dot the product on my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin and spread the product out using my fingers in outward and downward strokes and also bring the product down to my neck to blend it out. The shade 01 Natural unfortunately, is too dark for me. It leaves my face looking orange/brown, like I just got a suntan. Haha! =D however, it did not cause breakouts on my face, and I did not experience any redness, allergies or itchiness as a result of using this product.

Here's swatches of the product:-

Product blended out very well

Product blended out very well

I don't know if you can tell from the pictures above, but starting from a quarter from the left side of my hand all the way to the right side, my skin colour is darker- it is fairest on the far left. This BB cream is actually darker than my skin tone and makes it look slightly tan.
Price: At RM29.90, I think this BB cream is quite affordable and the product will last quite a while as a little goes a long way.

Would I purchase it?- Unfortunately, I would not because this shade is just too dark for me and it emphasises the pores on my forehead.

Where can I purchase this?- At Watson's, Guardian, Caring Pharmacy.

NOTE: I did not purchase this product. It was given to me as part of a goodie bag. However, I assure you that my opinions are my own honest opinions and not biased towards or against the sponsor.

Do you know of any good BB Creams? =D

xx Amanda


  1. i tried mine. it pretty nice but it seems a bit grayish for my skin tone as i am not that fair with a lil yellow undertone. but still, it is a nice worth trying product.

    1. Oh no! It didn't work for you, too? It was too orange-ish for me, but yup I agree, it was still nice trying it out! =D

  2. Hi , nak tanya . BB Cream ni sesuai tak untuk umur bawah 15 ;D

    1. Hi Hanis, yes I think this BB Cream can be suitable for those under 15, because although I'm not under 15, I do have sensitive skin and it did not cause any bad side effects to my skin, so I'm guessing younger skin would fare well with it too? It can feel a little oily though, so if you have oily skin I do not know how that will work for you in the long run. And sorry if I didn't reply in Bahasa Melayu, my Malay is quite rusty, I don't think you will understand what I try to say. Hehe! =D

  3. haiiii.......

    I used this bb cream several times. well, i do like BB cream with a good coverage. so I'm not fond of this BB cream :(

    it's to sheer. the oil control is very bad.
    I look greasy after 3 hours in Air-Con room.
    so if I use it outside, in a sunny day, it takes an hour or less to look greasy :)

    the good thing is, it doesn't break me out

    1. Hi mysha- I also personally agree with you on the coverage of this BB cream- it does not cover very well, but it is a light coverage I guess so that's probably why. Sorry to hear it makes you look oily, I experienced some oiliness as well using it. Good to know it does not break you out though! =D

  4. Nice review! Yesterday I saw it at Guardian, I need a BB Cream but I'm not sure to try this BB Cream .. And thanks for sharing here ^^

    I just followed you, I'll be glad if you can follow me back ^^

    1. Hi! Thank you! This personally did not work for me, but it may work for you. =) there are many BB creams out there so it is also good to check things out before purchasing one. Thanks for the follow- I've followed you too. =D

  5. Hello!! Well I was trying to buy this BB cream, but then since I saw your post, I'm deciding to buy the others. I'm just gonna buy and use 1 time on my cousin sister's wedding this December, so can you recommend some which was under RM 30 but does provide coverage? Thank You!!

    1. Hi! There is one which I think is pretty good, and if I remember correctly is below RM30. It is Maybelline Clear Smooth B.B Cream 8 in 1 Transformer. It's in a light blue/turquoise tube and is of liquid texture. I find that provides quite nice coverage and is not as oily as this Silkygirl one here. Hope I helped! =)


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