Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Hello lovelies!

2012 has come and gone and now we can say hello to 2013! Wishing all of you dears a very Happy New Year! May the year ahead be one filled with blessings for you and may it be a good one! I spent my New Year's Eve in Central London getting squashed by thousands of people all eagerly anticipating the fireworks display at London's Eye once the clock striked midnight. I arrived there with the boyfriend 3 hours early but apparently that was already very,very late, as I heard many people had gone to wait at the Embankment from as early as 16:00!  Had no choice but to watch it from somewhere along Whitehall Lane as many places were full and blocked off, but am happy to say that I got a pretty good view still. =) After the firework display was over (a full 10 minute display), it took another 3 hours before we finally reached home. It was so crowded! We got held in near Trafalgar Square because there were just too many people. Overall, it was an experience to remember.

How did you all spend your New Year's Eve and New Year? Hope it was a good one!

xx Amanda

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