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Review: Citra Lasting White Bengkoang Hand & Body Lotion

Hiya dearies!

Okay so I feel like I haven't posted in AGES- but please bear with my lack of blogging 'cause I really have loads of assignments etc to complete. Hehe! Anyhow, am sneaking in a few posts today before I head back to hitting the books.

So this product is a gift I received from an aunt, who went to Indonesia and decided to get me a lil pressie. Hee! Am halfway through my second bottle now, so thought it be an appropriate time to review this product.

Product: Citra Lasting White Bengkoang Hand & Body Lotion
Price: RM15 - I just checked 6.5.2012, hope I'm not mistaken! =D
Made in: Indonesia
Content: 250ml

This brand 'Citra' is a brand under the company Unilever, which is a huge company that produces many different types of products and has brands which includes Sunsilk, Vaseline and Dove.

By the way, bengkoang when translated into english means Jicama, which is a sweet, crispy edible root which resembles the shape of a turnip. Here's a picture of how it looks like:-

Picture taken from Google

Here's the list of ingredients:

It claims to be a whitening lotion, besides having a cooling effect, having double sunscreens and containing Vitamins A and E. What do I think of this product? Read on to find out! =D

Packaging: This lotion comes in a simple white plastic bottle which to me gives off a pure and clean vibe. It is a squeezy bottle with a very tiny opening so I can definitely ensure I won't squeeze out too much product at one time.

Application/Texture/Consistency: Application is very easy with this lotion as it is not thick and sticky, and can easily be massaged into the skin. It has a very light, slightly watery texture, which I guess helps with the application. It also absorbs easily into the skin, and although it may take about 5 minutes to do so, after that my skin is left with a soft, smooth feeling, and not sticky and greasy at all!

Scent: It smells slightly like jasmine, but it's not jasmine. It just has a floral scent. I honestly cannot remember the name of the flower it smells like (sorry!), but the closest flower I can pinpoint the smell to is jasmine. The smell can be slightly over-powering at first but fades off after a short while, so it doesn't really bother me. =)

Here's a quick look at how the lotion looks like:-

How I use it: I squeeze out the amount that I want and just massage it in upward, circular motions onto my arms and legs right after a shower for maximum absorption. =) I do not think it whitens my skin though; it just leaves it soft and smooth.

Would I purchase it?- Yep I would. I quite like the floral scent and I think it's pretty decent quality.

Where can I purchase this?- I know it's available in Indonesia, and have heard it's also available here in Malaysia although I have not come across it yet here.

So yep, now am heading off to dinner, will come back to post maybe one or two more posts!

What other body lotions have you used and like? =D

xx Amanda


  1. Hi there, really like your blog. I was wondering if you saw any whitening effect with this lotion and if yes,how long did it take?

    1. Hi, thanks so much! Really appreciate it. =) I'm almost done going through my second bottle of this lotion and I do think it does slightly whiten the skin, although it's not something that will make a big change. A very subtle difference. But that's also probably because I tend to neglect wearing sunblock and am out under the sun quite a bit. Hehe. I think if you wear sunblock on your arms it'll probably have a better effect. I noticed my skin getting slightly fairer after 3 weeks of use if I'm not mistaken. =)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi! I had to check around a bit and I found out that it costs RM15 for a bottle here in Malaysia, hope I helped! =D

  3. hi kk sye nak order tp mcmne caranya? sye nak order citra body lotion yg kk posting kat wab site tu,,pls reply tq

    1. Hi Emy, Emy tinggal kat mana? Saya tak berapa pasti kalau body lotion ni ada jual di Malaysia lagi (dah lama tak nampak lotion ni dijual di Malaysia - mungkin ada di Mydin?), tapi kalau Emy tinggal kat Indonesia, kemungkinan Indonesia ada jual lotion ini. Saya tak berapa pasti - minta maaf! =)

  4. Replies
    1. Hi! Honestly, I'm not really sure as I have not checked recently but you can try checking out Mydin. I think they might stock it. =)


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