Monday, 18 March 2013

Google Reader Retiring - Follow Me in Other Ways! =D

Hello dolls,
I have been reading many blogs the past few days saying that Google Reader is shutting down for good; so I did some research for myself and yes, it is retiring for good starting 1st of July 2013.
What does this mean?
If you follow me on Google Friend Connect (GFC), Google Reader is most probably where you read all the posts from the blogs you follow. It is also rumoured that GFC will follow suit, although there is no confirmed date of termination for GFC.
This is sad news for me because I mainly use Google Reader to catch up on the blogs I follow, and having it terminated means I would have to find other ways to follow them. I also got my first follower on Google Reader and have slowly built up a decent following through Google Reader. If GFC is also terminated, then that would probably also mean a loss of views of my blog and possibly a loss in following. Plus, I really like seeing the faces of my lovely followers on my little sidebar plus it is so easy for me to click it and check out your blogs too!
However, there are other ways that you can follow my blog (if you want to, of course)! =D
If you are using Google Reader, I highly recommend that you import 'following list' to Bloglovin'. You can do so by clicking HERE and find out how to do so by clicking HERE.
Also, you can follow me on Bloglovin', She Said Beauty or Hello Cotton by clicking the logo's in my right sidebar.
I hope this post helped give you heads up and that you will continue to stop by! To all my readers (each and every one of you =3), thank you so much for your support and loyalty. Really appreciate it!
xx Amanda


  1. your blog is so pretty! i love it!

    i would appreciate it if you follow my blog

    and please subscribe to my youtube channel :)

  2. lovely blog! Would like to follow each other on FB, Twitter or Bloglovin?

    have blessed day!


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