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Review: The Face Shop Aqua Drop Sleeping Pack

Hello lovelies!

Sleeping packs and sleeping masks have been around for quite some time, especially in the Asian beauty market, with the famous one being Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack Ex. I was seeking for a cheaper alternative when I came across this in my local The Face Shop back in Malaysia. I've had this for a while, but never thought to review it, so I might as well now!

Product: The Face Shop Aqua Drop Sleeping Pack (also known as Babyface Hyaluronic Acid Pack)
Price: RM55.90 (approx. £11.18)
Made in: Korea
Content: 110ml

What it claims: I can't read what is written in Korean so I went searching for information on The Face Shop's international website various websites selling this product and this is what I found -->

An oil-free type of sleeping mask that gives instant moisture to skin with aqua drop massage which features
Aqua Drop Massage
    - Moisture shine + Improves blood circulation
Moisture Ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid / Mannitol)
    - Provides moisture and anti-oxidant effects
     - Calms nerves, induces sleep  (source here)

With as much as 3,300mg of hyaluronic acid, this moisture enriched sleeping mask intensely hydrates and restores vitality to skin while you slumber, leading to a more radiant and brighter complexion when you wake up. Rapidly penetrating formula easily sinks through skin's layers, hydrating on contact without a sticky or heavy feel for a comfortable sleep. Best for normal to dry skin types. (source here)

5 Free Formula: No parabens, no mineral oil, no alcohol, no organic dye and no raw animal materials  (source here)

Packaging: The packaging is aesthetically pleasing- it is a squeezy tube which is a baby blue shade with a holographic finish; very pretty. I do not think it particularly looks luxurious nor cheap- the best word I can think of whenever I look at it is 'cute'. I like that it is a squeezy tube because it is much more hygienic than if it were to come in a tub. It also has a dispenser that does not squeeze out too much product at one time, preventing product wastage.

Here's the directions on how to use it as well as the ingredient list:-

As you can see from the ingredient list, there's loads of silicones in this product, and phenoxyethanol too which is a skin irritant for some people.

Application/Texture/Consistency: This sleeping pack has a very light texture- somewhere in between water and gel. It spreads easily across the face and leaves a glossy sheen on the skin when spread out. Although it has a light texture, it feels heavy on my skin. I have tried applying it at different amounts each time I use it and every time it feels heavy on my skin, which I dislike. I think this could be due to the high silicone content. I also found that it did not sink in easily, and took quite a while to absorb into my skin, although it never gets completely absorbed and I am left with a silky layer on my skin. I wear this to bed and wake the next morning to find a very thin layer of product still left on my skin. After washing it off my face, I find my skin to look ever so slightly healthier and glowy. The effects last for about two days. However, I tend to experience irritation whenever using this as my skin would feel hot and itchy. This does not happen all the time though, only sometimes. I have also experienced a few breakouts after using this product.

Scent: This sleeping pack has a very light, refreshing citrus scent which I really like and it never fails to perk me up.

How I use it: After cleansing and toning my face, I take a pea-sized amount of this product (a little goes a long way!) and apply it to my face. Then, I slowly massage the product in and leave it absorb into my skin. The next morning, I rinse it off with cleanser and water. I have had mixed experiences when rinsing this off the next day. Some days washing this sleeping pack off my face is a breeze; other days I feel like there's a think silicone-y layer on my skin which I have to rub off- quite annoying. I wear this once or twice a week.

Anyway, here's some pictures of how the sleeping pack looks like and how it looks spread out:-

See how thin in texture and glossy-like the mask is? Looks like water/gel!

Would I repurchase?- Unfortunately, I will not. I do think the price is decent for the amount of product (110ml) and also because this sleeping pack will last a long time as only a little product is needed each time. However, it simply did not work for me. The after-effect of using this just does not justify me having to suffer from occasional irritation and breakouts as my skin is only slightly healthier-looking. The amount of silicones in this also frightens me, to be honest. I will however, try to finish this up as I only have a little bit left and do not want to waste it, but will not be repurchasing this. If I want a sleeping pack, I think I will just head over to Laneige's counter and purchase Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack Ex. I have however found a review from someone who loved this product so I guess what does not work for me, works for someone else, and may just work for you too. =)

Where can I purchase this?- If you live in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and Philippine's, you should be able to find this pretty easily in your local The Face Shop store. If you do not have a Face Shop store near you, you can find this on ebay, and cosmetic-love.com (I'm not sure where else, sorry!), although it would be cheaper on ebay. =)

Have you tried this? Do you like it? Have you tried any sleeping packs/masks that you recommend? =D

xx Amanda


  1. So jelly! wish i could try more asian make up! especially etude house! lovely blog, found you via #bbloggers
    new follower! ^^

    1. It does have a jelly look and feel to it. Hehe! Ooh you can find loads of Asian makeup on ebay! And thank you for the follow- appreciate it! =D

    2. Didn't like this but I recommend the Face Shop's Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask. It's really nice and I thought it worked on me. It is pricier!

    3. Thanks for the recommendation Christabel! Heard good things about the Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask but never thought of trying it out. Will have a look at it!

  2. Oh wow this looks so unique! I love the packaging too xx

    Gemma | missmakeupmagpie.com ❤️

    1. It does look pretty unique Gemma! The packaging is pretty- such a shame it did not work for me. =(

  3. I love the Face Shop products, though overnight masks remain tricky on my skin too. They tend to give me tiny under the skin bumps, which are awful to get rid of - including the Laneige Sleeping Pack and Origins one (suddenly forgot the name - oops). I tend to just use hydration masks and leave them on for 30 min - an hour or so. Thanks for your super sweet comment on my blog btw, really made my day xx

    9 out of ten | find me on bloglovin

    1. I agree with you - this product did give me bumps and break outs. Am sorry to hear the Laneige Sleeping Pack did the same for you, it worked pretty okay for me. I have heard of the Origins mask (I think it's called Drink Up or something like that) but have never tried it. Am abit wary though of sleeping masks. Am also on the hunt for hydration masks, hopefully they'll work better for me! You're welcome! =)

  4. At first this looked like a nice product to me, but with that many silicone ingredients I'm not sure...
    I'll have to research how and what are the ingredients from the other night pack that I wanted (from Lioele). My skin reacts quite bad to this type of ingredients :<
    Anyway, take care, have a nice day!*

    1. My skin does not really like silicones as well so I can relate to your skin reacting badly to them. =S Yeah, do check out the Lioele one- maybe it has ingredients better suited to your skin!

  5. This looks so nice I want to try it!
    Jess x

    1. Do give it a go! You might just like it =D

  6. HK sells it for only 10 bucks (SGD)

  7. Nice review. I love face shop korea and i feel like i wanna try it.


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