Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Review: Daiso Ellefar Multi Cheek in Beige

Hiya dearies!

So I mentioned this as one of the items in my May 2012 Favourites and I thought it's time I gave this baby a proper review because I've been using it for a while now. I bought this product because I've suddenly gotten into peachy-looking products and wanted to try that out without breaking the bank to see if I really liked it. I tend to be a pink blush person, so this was definitely a first in my 'other colours' blush collection. Haha! The Multi Cheek range comes in four colours: Pink, Beige, Orange and Brown. The Brown looks like it would do great as a bronzer or contour powder. I have only seen it once and that also was the last one in store. It seems to always be sold out.

Product: Daiso Ellefar Multi Cheek in Beige
Price: RM5
Made in: China
Content: 6.7grams

Packaging: This blush comes in a clear plastic case which is light. I like that it is transparent so I can see how much product I've used, although after a while it won't look very pleasing to the eye, but oh well. The blush has a geometric 3D pattern on it (if geometric is the best word to describe it-hee!) which looks pretty.  It comes with a brush which has very long, scratchy bristles, and does not pick up the product well. I instantly binned it after taking a snapshot of it. Overall, the packaging is simple- just what I like.

Here's a picture of the brush:-

List of ingredients:-

Application/Texture/Consistency: This blush claims to be beige in colour, although I would classify it as a peachy-pink blush as it has pink undertones to it. It has very tiny, fine silver glitter particles in it, but it goes nowhere near making me look like a disco ball. Instead, I feel the tiny glitter particles help give a more fresh and glowy look to my face. =) However, I did have a friend comment once that it looked like I was wearing glitter on my face. This was when I was under white fluoroscent lighting, but otherwise, under sunlight and yellow/orange lighting the glitter is not visible, she says. The geometric-like pattern does not cause problems with my brush being able to pick up the product, and the product feels slightly powdery, but not chalky. It has quite good pigmentation but can be easily blended out to give a natural look. I did not have problems with applying too much on my cheeks, but I would say using a light hand is always better than a heavy hand to control application. This product did not cause me any allergies, itchiness or breakouts despite my sensitive skin, so I'm very pleased with it. =)

Durability: This blush is quite long-lasting, about 4-5 hours. A primer would help it last much longer.

Instructions on the packaging on how to apply the blush:-

Price: At RM5 for this product, I'm absolutely pleased with it! It's a total steal!

Here's swatches of the blush:-

Left: 3 swatches, Right: 3 swatches blended out

Up: 3 swatches blended out, Down: 3 swatches

As you can see from the swatches, it leaves a very nice peachy-pink flush to the face which I am really liking as it looks quite natural yet I look more awake and glowy compared to without using this blush. =D

Would I repurchase?- Yes, I definitely would! It is cheap and the quality of the product belies its price. Definitely recommend this product.

Where can I purchase this?- At Daiso outlets. I do not know whether each Daiso nationwide stocks this blush, but all the Daiso stores I've been to have this product in store.

I'm still loving peach blushes! Any nice ones you like that you would recommend I give a try? =D

xx Amanda


  1. Hello! That's a llovely review! If you're looking for a peach cream blush, I recommend Topshop's Head Over Heels otherwise a lovely peach / coral blush would be Benefit's Coralista! =)

    1. Thank you! =) I've heard really good reviews on Topshop's cream blushes so will definitely check them out. Benefit's Coralista too! Thanks for the recommendations! =D


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