Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Review: Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish: Time for Romance & Where is the Party?

Hello darlings!

Recently I've been on a nail polish obsession. I'm guilty of buying nail polish non-stop. Am currently on a nail polish buying ban, but before I created that ban, I got myself loads of polishes, and today I'll show you two of them.=)

Product: Essence Colour & Go Quick Drying Nail Polish
Price: RM6.90 each
Made in: France
Content: 5ml

So I'll just show each polish individually before going onto a combined review about them.=)

First off is #72 Time for Romance:-

Colour: This nail polish is a cranberry coloured jelly base chocked full of glitter. The colour on the nails is exactly like how it is in the bottle itself. It contains two types of micro glitter; one which shines silvery blue depending on the light, and the other is pink, then slightly bigger pink glitter, and finally big hex glitter. I personally really like this nail polish and I think it looks gorgeous and would suit many skin tones. It's a classy colour with the glitter making it more fun, if that makes sense. Haha!

Next is #43 Where is the Party?:-

Colour: I don't know how this polish to be honest. I think it's a duochrome polish, sometimes called a petrol polish, and it's beautiful. The main colour is a metallic dark purple, but depending on the lighting and the angle, it also shows hints of green, blue and silver in the bottle. I don't think the blue translates onto the nails, but the other colours do and it is so pretty I couldn't stop staring at it on my nails. Hee! =D

Now onto a combined review!

Packaging: These polishes come in tiny little glass bottles and have caps that follow the colour of the nail polish. Very cute and tiny, and can be toted around everywhere easily because it barely weighs anything!

Application/Texture/Consistency: Both these polishes are a dream to apply. They glide on easily on the nails without being streaky. Both textures are not too runny nor too gloopy and thick. Time for Romance would be completely opaque in 3 coats, whereas Where is the Party? only requires two coats to give an opaque finish. Although Time for Romance is a glitter polish, it does not apply rough on the nails; instead it applies smooth, and both polishes leave a glossy sheen on the nails. Both polishes also dry quite fast (a few minutes per coat), which I was pretty amazed at. Haha!

Durability: Both polishes lasted about 4 days with a top coat before chipping noticeably. Not bad, I'd say. =)

Here's swatches of the polishes (both polishes have a base coat and top coat under and over them respectively):-

One coat of Time for Romance

One coat of Where is the Party?

Time for Romance- two coats, indoors with daylight shining through windows
Time for Romance- two coats, indoors with daylight shining through windows

From the pictures you can see that two coats of Time for Romance is still slightly sheer under natural light. Under artificial lighting, however, it looks opaque.

Where is the Party? was quite a challenge to snap pictures of so I ended up taking many more shots to try to show you all the different hues of the polish when under different lighting conditions. I also apologise for the horrible condition of the nails- it actually is the top coat I used which took ages to dry and I ended up getting marks, scratches and smudges on my nails. Will talk about the top coat in another post but just want to show you the polish for now.

Where is the Party?- two coats, indoor artificial lighting
Where is the Party?- two coats, indoor artificial lighting

Where is the Party?- two coats, indoor artificial lighting

Where is the Party?- two coats, outdoors with natural daylight but I am in the shade

Where is the Party?- two coats, outdoors with natural daylight but I am in the shade 

Where is the Party?- two coats, outdoors under bright sunlight
So I hope you can see the different colours in Where is the Party?. Sorry again that the nails look messed up. The top coat apparently did not dry, even after 4 hours. Am very upset just thinking about it.

Price: At RM6.90 each, it can be a little expensive for the quantity given, but I think the colours I chose are worth it! =D

Would I repurchase?- I would repurchase Time for Romance but I do not think I'll repurchase Where is the Party? because there are other duochromes out there which I've seen and I think is nicer than this one. =)

Where can I purchase these?- At selected Watson's and Coci Coci counters (Midvalley Megamall, outside Lot 10 Plaza)


  1. Time for Romance is such a pretty color!

    1. Agreed! Unfortunately I couldn't capture it's beauty on camera but it's much more prettier and glittery in real life. =D

  2. These nail polishes are so so cute :) Btw im new follower i would appreciate if u followme back

    1. Yep they really are cute! =D and thanks for following. I've followed you too! =)

  3. Hi Amanda,

    Simply adore duo-chrome nail polishes.. Btw, I really like your blog and reviews.. Keep up the great job dearie!!

    Following u now =)



    1. Hi Kay, yea I know what you mean- duo chrome nail polishes are so pretty! And thanks! Glad to know you like it. Hehe! =D

  4. I just bought Time For Romance today & It's totally awesome! Can't wait till I use it :) x

    1. It really is an awesome colour! Hope you enjoy using it- the colour is oh-so-gorgeous! =D

  5. yes, lets follow each other! im following you now on GFC!



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