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Review: Gamila Secret Mini Cleansing Bar in Original

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Today's review comes from a brand that has only just hit Malaysian shores not too long ago and this brand is none other than Gamila Secret. Gamila Secret is an Israeli brand that claims to be made with ingredients that are 100% natural and are handmade with the products containing more than 80% virgin oil (220 pressed Syrian olives).

Product: Gamila Secret Mini Cleansing Bar in Original
Price: RM66
Made in: Galilee
Content: 30grams

I was sent this little bar of soap in the 'Original' flavour, but there are 3 other flavours to choose from. There is also a big sized version of this product where it costs RM119 for 115grams of product. 

What it claims:-


This product is said to be suitable all skin types including those with very sensitive skin, problem skin, as well as for babies from 0 to 6 months. It is unscented without added essential oils and claims to strengthen, hydrate and protect the skin. Besides the uses described in the picture above, this soap can also be used as a facial mask.

Here's the list of ingredients:-

Packaging: The soap bar comes in handmade packaging made of recycled paper which is individually handfolded. I like this concept because it helps save the environment. The packaging other than that is simple, which is fine by me. The soap bar is cream coloured, has a natural-looking feel to it and has the word 'gamila' imprinted in it. The only thing that slightly bothers me is the matter of hygiene. I tend to feel that using soap bars as a face cleanser is a tad unhygienic because I feel like my cleanser is being exposed to the bacteria floating around in the bathroom and also whenever I touch it.

Application/Texture/Consistency: Using this to wash my face is exactly like how I would use a soap bar to wash my face. It is very easy to lather and has a pretty smooth texture. I like how it feels on my face, it makes my face feel very clean but after washing it off I feel that it leaves my face feeling really dry and tight- not a good sign in my opinion because that usually means it is too drying for my skin.

Scent: This soap bar smells exactly like soap. Haha! It has a very 'fresh-out-of-the-shower' scent which leaves me feeling very refreshed everytime I smell it. =)

How I use it: I was taught to firstly moisten the cleansing bar with warm water between my hands in order to activate the natural living ingredients of the product. Then, I massage the product until a creamy texture appears (like how you would with soap but only using less water), and then I massage that creamy texture on my face like I would a normal cleanser, then I use more water to lather it, massage a little but more and finally rinse it off. I mentioned earlier that using this as a cleanser caused my face to be really dry and I unfortunately broke out quite a bit. I tried making it work as a cleanser but it just did not seem to suit my skin. I do have quite dry and very sensitive skin and this is another sensitive skin product that sadly did not work for me. I'm guessing this cleansing bar would be pretty good for those with oily skin, though.

I have a bit of blemishes on my back and decided to use this as a body soap to help heal my blemishes. This works really well on my body and my blemishes have faded quite a bit so I'm pretty pleased to use it as a body soap to heal my blemishes and the occasional pimple on my back.

Price: At RM66, it is pretty steep for me especially since I can only use it as a body soap.

Would I purchase?- No, I will not because I wanted it to work as a cleanser but it did not work for me. However, I think it would work decent for those with oily skin. In that case, I'd say this is pretty worth it because only a very tiny amount of this product is needed per usage and it can last a long time. =)

Where can I purchase this?- You can find this at their counter in Parkson in Sunway Pyramid, or head on over to their website HERE to purchase it online.

If you want to know more about Gamila Secret, you can head on over to THEIR WEBSITE or their FACEBOOK PAGE. =D

This product is also very famous among celebrities! =D


Use this E-Voucher Code GSEC35 on their online website to get RM35 off your total purchase! (valid until 30 September 2012)

Have you tried Gamila Secret products? What do you think? =D

DISCLOSURE: This review contains a product sent for consideration by PR. However, I can assure you that my opinion is 100% honest and not biased towards or against the sponsor.

xx Amanda


  1. helo amanda
    may i ask did you apply any moisturizer after using this cleansing bar?
    should we use?
    cause i read another review about this, that blogger saying the same thing like ,drying the face after used it,but it was okay after a week of using it
    so im confusing,along the one week,should we apply moisturizer after use it?

    1. Hello! Yes, I did use moisturizer after using this cleansing bar. And yup, I do think it is very important to always use moisturizer after cleansing and toning the face regardless of what cleanser is used. Yea, I also read many other blogger reviews saying it was okay for them eventually, but at the same time a few said it was still drying for them after a week or so, like me. It's very hard for me to say if the cleansing bar will or will not be drying for you as each person's skin is different but it was drying for me even with moisturizer. But to answer your question, yes, do use moisturizer throughout that one week of using the cleansing bar. =D Hope I helped! =D

  2. Dear Amanda,

    I have been using Gamila (vanilla) cleansing bar for 21 days. I have to use moisturizer as my skin is still dry. My skin has got worst. It means a lot of small pimples on my skin and redness. I do not know whether I should stop or use it for two more weeks.

    1. Dear ahoj, I experienced the same thing that you are going through now. It really is up to you whether you want to stop using the product or not but as for me, I stopped using it because my skin was nowhere near getting better unfortunately. If you are worried, I suggest it is better to stop using it, just in case. =)

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