Thursday, 6 September 2012

Review: Nature Republic Olive Mask Sheet

Hello lovelies!

So I'm back today with yet another sheet mask review. I just can't seem to stop using them despite my constant saying that I much prefer using cream masks that I can easily spread.

Product: Nature Republic Given by Nature Olive Mask Sheet
Price: RM5.90
Made in: Korea
Content: 23ml/ 1 sheet
Here's the directions on how to use it as well as the ingredients list:-
What it claims: I don't understand Korean so if the packaging did mention anything more than what was mentioned in English, I can't write about it, sorry! This facial mask sheet however, does claim to help smoothen and provide emollients to the skin with the olive extract it contains. It also claims to contain Polynesian lagoon water.

Packaging: This sheet mask comes in a simple plastic packaging which shows many olives on the front of the packaging. It does give quite a 'nature' feel to it, so I guess it does suit the name. Other than that, nothing special about the packaging.

Application/Texture/Consistency: This mask is round-shaped and is oozing with essence. I find the shape of the mask quite odd as it is really difficult to adjust it to the shape of my face, so in terms of application I did not really like it as it was not that convenient to put on the face, what with having to constantly adjust it. It is a thin cotton mask and I tore it by accident here and there while adjusting it. The consistency of the essence is quite light, and it glides easily on the skin.

Scent: The mask has a very pleasant scent which I quite like, it smells slightly floral yet refreshing. I can't say if it smells like olives, though because I've never smelled an olive. =) Overall, it is a nice scent which is not overpowering. My only gripe is that when I placed it on my skin, I instantly caught a whiff of something alcohol-smelling, but it's not too strong that it annoyed me.
How I use it: I followed the instructions mentioned in a picture above but left it on for an extra 5 minutes totalling to 20 minutes and also scrubbed my face before applying toner.
After patting in the remaining essence into my skin, I found it to feel quite sticky on my skin, although it did dry up after a while so that did not bother me much. I went to bed and the next morning, my skin felt very soft and supple My pores also were minimised and I was pleased that I did not feel a layer of film slide off my face when I cleansed it the next morning, so I know that my skin absorbed it right in. The effects are temporary though, my skin felt soft and supple only for about a day- but I don't really expect much from sheet masks so this is fine by me. I did not experience any irritation or breakouts during and after using this product.
Price: At RM5.90 per mask, it is pretty affordable and probably standard price for a sheet mask. =) 
Here's a picture of me wearing the mask (you can see the few holes I made while trying to adjust it, haha!):-
Would I repurchase?- Most likely not because there are so many masks out there that I want to try! The effects of this mask do not last long as goes for most sheet masks, but it is still a good product to use if you would like a quick pampering session or want to prep your face for an event or a night out as it does give rather nice temporary effects. Plus, it doesn't glide off the face after which I find pretty rare in essences of sheet masks!
Where can I purchase this?- You can find this in all Nature Republic outlets nationwide, but I know for sure that there are outlets in Sunway Pyramid and Berjaya Times Square.
Have you tried Nature Republic masks? What do you think of them? =D
xx Amanda

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