Wednesday, 31 October 2012

News: Glamour Mag December 2012 with Nail Inc Freebie!

Hiya dearies!

I popped into my local store and saw that the latest issue of Glamour magazine (December 2012) was already sold on shelves. The latest issue has Cheryl Cole looking gorgeous on the cover. Being a Glamour magazine reader, I just had to grab it. This month's issue is special though, it comes with a Nail Inc nail polish as a freebie!!

There are four nail polish shades to choose from: a bright blood red, a gold glitter, a soft baby pink and a dark blue polish. I just had to share it with you darlings because this deal is quite worth it- you get a magazine and a free nail polish worth £11! The nail polish is a full sized polish, and the one I picked is the baby pink one called Elizabeth Street.
So head out to your nearest store and grab a copy if you're a Glamour fan or just interested in getting the nail polish. I'm seriously considering heading out to grab another three copies just for the nail polishes £2 for a polish which is normally worth £11 is definitely worth it! =D
xx Amanda


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  2. This is awesome! Such a gorgeous shade of pink. Gona check it out at the newsstand soon!

    Thanks for the info! xx

    1. Hi Kay! Yea, it is a gorgeous shade of pink. Hope they have the freebie back home too! =)

  3. such a pretty color !

    xx Liyana


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