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Review: Australis Nudist Eye Shadow Palette

Hello dearies!

I have always wanted to own a neutral eyeshadow palette like Urban Decay's famous Naked (1 & 2) Palette, but was never willing to part with the rather substantial amount of money needed to purchase the Naked (1 & 2) Palette. Being a neutrals girl, I was constantly on the lookout for affordable neutral coloured eyeshadows. If you've seen my post on my mini haul in Australia, you'll know that I finally managed to get my hands on one! =D
Product: Australis Nudist Eye Shadow Palette
Price: AUD 7.45 (approx. RM24.60)
Made in: Taiwan
Content: 8grams
The Nudist Palette is probably an attempt to make a dupe of the UD Naked Palette. This palette is LIMITED EDITION, and I don't know if they still sell it, but the reason why I am still writing a review on it is because all the shades in this palette are available from separate products in the permanent line of Australis products. The Nudist Palette contains 6 warm toned neutral shades and 2 cool toned shades which are all in a shimmer finish but IMO, when applied on the skin, two shades look matte.
Packaging: The Nudist Palette comes in a very sleek and compact black plastic palette with a little slit to see the colours through, and is roughly the size of an iPod Touch (or an iPhone). It has a clasp opening which is not too tight that it makes opening the palette difficult, but not too loose that the top opens by itself. It also comes with a mirror in the palette which makes it very convenient for travel or when doing makeup on the go (hehe!). The eye shadows are encased neatly inside the packaging and there is also space where a dual-tip sponge applicator is placed, but I took the applicator out because I use my own brushes with thr product, and forgot to put the applicator back when I took pictures of it. Overall, I like the packaging as it's super easy to bring along!
Here's the name of the shades:-
Just in case it's a bit difficult to see the name of the shades in the picture, I have it listed down below (from left to right, dark to light):
- Intensifeye Quad Choc-A-Block Shade 3 (Shade 8)
- Paparazzi Perfect Snap Attack (Shade 7)
- Paparazzi Perfect A Lister Sista Dark (Shade 6)
- Intensifeye Quad Choc-A-Block Shade 2 (Shade 5)
- Intensifeye Trio Bees Knees Shade 3 (Shade 4)
- Intensifeye Quad Choc-A-Block Shade 1 (Shade 3)
- Paparazzi Perfect Snap Attack (Shade 2)
- Intensifeye Trio Bees Knees Shade 1 (Shade 1)
If you've noticed, the name of the shades actually refer to products which are in the permanent line and this palette is actually a compilation of those shades. The three products where the shades in the Nudist Palette come from are Intensifeye Quad Choc-A-Block, Paparazzi Perfect Snap Attack, and Intensifeye Trio Bees Knees. For the purposes of this review, I have named the shades from number 1-8 to make describing and talking about them much easier.

Here's the list of ingredients:-

Application/Texture/Consistency: All 8 shades have a shimmer texture with tiny glitter particles and feel slightly powdery to the touch. However, two of the shades applied on the skin seem to give a matte finish. They are quite pigmented, smooth and easy to apply as the colour payoff is quite good. Little is needed to get the colour on the eyes and they are very blendable, too. Shades 5 and 7 have the best pigmentation, and Shade 8 the worst pigmentation where it is a bit hard to get colour and a little more product is needed. Fallout is very little and without a primer, these shadows stay on for a good 6 hours. Product is also easily picked up with an eyeshadow brush (but the eyeshadow brushes I mainly use are Elf's Eyeshadow 'C' Brush, Elianto Angled brush, and Elf's Blending Eye Brush).
(l-r): Shade 1, Shade 2, Shade 3, Shade 4 - No Flash
(l-r): Shade 1, Shade 2, Shade 3, Shade 4 - Flash
I'm not very good with describing the colours, but I'll try! =D Here's the first four shades:-

- Shade 1: A white-gold shimmer shade with a slight frosty finish
-Shade 2: A pearl pink shimmer shade with a slight frosty finish
-Shade 3: A peach-coloured shimmer shade with yellow undertones and a slight frosty finish
-Shade 4: A brown taupe shimmer shade which seems to give a matte finish

Here's swatches and descriptions of the last four shades:-
(l-r): Shade 5, Shade 6, Shade 7, Shade 8 - No Flash
(l-r): Shade 5, Shade 6, Shade 7, Shade 8 - Flash
Colour Description:-
- Shade 5: A bronze shimmer shade with red undertones and a shimmer finish

- Shade 6: A dark chocolate brown shimmer shade with a shimmer finish

- Shade 7: A gunmetal grey-black shimmer shade with a shimmer finish

- Shade 8: A dark black-brown shimmer shade which seems to give a matte finish

Would I repurchase?- Definitely yes! My only regret is that I did not buy another palette as a backup. The colours are extremely versatile and perfect for creating many looks. The mixture of shades is also very good IMO because there are a few shades which would be great as highlight shades, a few shades for the main colour and some dark shades to add depth and to contour.

Where can I purchase this?- I am not sure if they are still available but I got mine from Target in Australia. Otherwise, the permanent palettes are still available! =)

What other neutral eye shadow palettes would you recommend? Have you tried this palette? =D

xx Amanda

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