Friday, 2 November 2012

October 2012 Favourites!

Hello lovelies!

I'm back with another month of favourites! I did not post any for the month of September mainly because it was a time where lots were going on; what with me preparing to head overseas for my studies etc so I did not really have time to use much beauty products (sad, I know). However, I did post a product empties post you can check out here. Anyhow, been settling down well over here so I am slowly getting back into using products I brought over as well as acquiring new goodies, and I just thought I'd share them with you dolls today! =D
1. Imperial Leather SkinKind Hydrate Cotton Extract & Oat Milk Bath Milk
When I saw this, I was looking for bath soap desperately and wanted something cheap. I got this on discount for a mere £1 (approx. RM5) and am super pleased that I did. This bath milk smells amazing- it has a fresh scent yet smells milky and oat-like at the same time. The scent is very comforting and it leaves my skin feeling very smooth and soft! It is also approved for sensitive skin which is great because I do have sensitive skin and am very prone to rashes but I did not experience any negative reactions to this. Am so glad I purchased this.
2. Jergens Daily Moisture Fragrance Free Hydrates & Smoothes Body Moisturiser
Again, I was looking for body lotions seeing how I did not bring anything over here from home, and this was also on discount in Superdrug, so I grabbed it. What I really like is the fact that it's fragrance free. It really is. I sniffed like crazy trying to detect any scent that resembles a 'fragrance free scent' (many products I've tried which claim to be fragrance free still had some sort of scent) and was very surprised to find nothing. This would make a brilliant base to help perfumes last longer on the skin seeing how it will not change the scent of the perfume. It also leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and it does not have that sticky or slimy feeling I experience with some body moisturisers. Brilliant for sensitive skin.
3. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisture & Shine Conditioner
This product has been highly raved about everywhere, and I don't know why it took me all this time and a move halfway across the world to finally try it. But, boy, I don't regret it! If you like coconut-smelling products, this will fit right up your alley. It has a very comforting, sweet coconut cream scent which also smells floral at the same time. My hair tends to feel very dry and straw-like after I shampoo it and this conditioner helps soften, smoothe and make my hair feel fluffy, which I like. Hee! I don't know about the shine factor 'cause I have not seen any difference in that aspect with regard to my hair, but my hair definitely feels more moisturised, which suits me just fine!
4. Topshop Nails Nail Polish in Parma Violet
Parma Violet is a gorgeous soft lilac purple which I can't seem to stop admiring. It is such a pretty colour! I do not really like the consistency of the nail polish itself but all is forgiven the minute I see it on my nails (you can prob tell I'm way into the colour, haha!). This colour is perfect for summer, spring or anytime of the year IMO (it's late autumn here and still I'm sporting this colour). I've written a full review on this nail polish which you can check out here. =)
5. Sleek Shangri-la Collection Respect Eyeshadow Palette
When I saw this in stores, I grabbed it and brought it to the counter immediately mainly because it was limited edition and I wanted to have it before it was gone (bad habit). I did regret for a bit after because the colours in this palette are not colours I usually wear, but after warming up to them I glad I got this palette. It has a nice mixture of neutrals and the few red/pink/orange brights add a nice twist to the palette. The pigmentation is pretty good, the shadows are finely milled and wearing a little of the brights on my eyes really helps make the eyes pop! =D
6. Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer
This was given to me by my sister 'cause she did not like it. I started using it and I like what it's done to my skin. My skin feels more plump, smooth, less oily, and my pores look considerably smaller. Overall, the condition of my skin has improved and I'm very pleased. Now I just have to reduce the number of breakouts I've been experiencing since I got here. Must be the weather affecting me. Hee!
7. Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry Lip Balm
I brought this with me from home and am so glad I did; I cannot live without coloured lip balms. I have not been wearing my usual lipsticks seeing how mainly I only head to class and back, plus I've been getting a bit lazy, hehe! I did not want to look pale like I normally do so this lip balm has helped bring some colour to my face. It gives the lips a cherry red tint which is natural looking yet injects enough colour that I don't look like I'm sick or something. It also leaves my lips feeling moisturised, smooth and glossy-looking. I've featured Cherry's sister Strawberry in my May 2012 Favourites which you can check out here. However, Cherry will always be a favourite of mine, always.
So that's it for my October favourites! What products did you like using during the month of October? Any favourites you'd like to share? =D
xx Amanda


  1. Hi Amanda! I love the Nivea lipbalms! My mom has them and I always go to her room to use some hahah! Love your sleek palette! :)

    1. Hi Diana! I love them too! Very moisturising. Glad to know there's another nivea fan out there! =D


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