Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Beauty Wishlist #1


Hello lovelies!
Every time I have my sacred 'browsing beauty blogs' session, I enjoy looking at wishlist posts and seeing all the many things that people want. Sometimes I can relate to them because I also want the same thing, and sometimes through these posts I learn about many new different products which I had not come across. So having read so many, I decided to start my own wishlist series and this post is the very first about the things that I am currently really wanting to have!
1. Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub
I have always been one who enjoys using body scrubs, and if not body scrubs, then a body wash with a good fluffy loofah. I saw this product mentioned in many Youtuber videos so I headed to Boots to check it out, and oh my the smell is amazing! I have a huge weakness for anything banana and the Breakfast Scrub smells like oats, cinnamon and banana- a delicious combination good enough to make me want to eat it! The scent smells so conforting and yummy, and reviews on blogs and Youtube say that this scrub does a good job in leaving the skin smooth and soft- just thinking about it is already making me want to head to Boots and spend my money on this baby!
2. Stila In the Light Palette
I first saw this in Sephora Starhill Gallery in Malaysia, and after swatching it, I have decided that I want this bad. Although I have quite a few neutral eyeshadow palettes, I am justifying the need to purchase this because the pigmentation of the eyeshadows is oh-so-good. They are buttery soft to the touch and super smooth- I can just imagine applying this on the lids; it's like a dream! It also comes with an eyeliner in 'Damsel' which itself is worth £13 (approx. RM60). The only reason I have not gone running to buy this is because it costs £25 (RM126 back in Malaysia), which is a tad too steep a price for an eyeshadow palette IMO.  
3. Moroccan Oil
I have tried many hair products, but somehoe have never gotten round to trying this. Again, after reading many reviews online, I am rather convinced that this can be a life saver for my dry, fine hair. I am even more convinced after listening to my aunt who swears that this product helps make her hair super glossy, straight and smooth. The major down side is the price, which is very high, but I guess with hair oils, only a few drops are needed at a time, so this product will probably a long time.
 4. Models Own Snowflake Polish from the Wonderland Collection
Glitter nail polish have been an obsessions of mine for the past six months or so, and that obsession is not dying down anytime soon. When this collection came out, my eyes instantly fell on this and it was want-at-first-sight. A clear polish with different shaped iridescent foil glitter- is that not unique? A nail polish like this would be very difficult to find back home (I think), and Snowflake would pretty much match any nail colour, making it an extremely versatile glitter polish. The foil glitter flakes also look gorgeous in the bottle, and looking at swatches online, is also very pretty on the nails. However, being the owner of more than 40 bottles of nail polish, I am trying very hard to tell myself not to buy this because it is unlikely that I will finish using it up (as it is, I still have not finished using up a bottle of nail polish I own), and will probably lust after another nail polish the minute I purchase this (okay, maybe a week after). 
5. Real Techniques Blush Brush
The only reason why I want this brush is because it is so so so soft and is fluffy like a rabbit's tail. Seriously. But okay, I do own the Real Techniques Core Collection Set and Stippling Brush, and I must say that the brush bristles are unbelievably soft. The brush bristles feel really nice on the skin and makes applying makeup so much more enjoyable than it already is. I honestly do not need this brush because I already have brushes that serve the same purpose as this one, but this brush looks like it would be really good to apply bronzer as well as to roll translucent powder on the skin because of its shape. But who am I kidding, I really just want this because it is so fluffy, enough said.
6. Silkygirl Hi-Definition Mascara
If you asked me what is by beauty product must-have, I'll tell without hesitation that it would be mascara. I just like how mascara lengthens and volumises the lashes, and helps make my eyes look more open and bright without needing much effort. I only found out about this mascara a couple of weeks before I left for the UK, and decided not to buy it because I already had a few new mascaras packed in. This mascara has really piqued my interest though, because it is one of the only mascaras from a local brand back home that has a wand with a bulb-like shape at the tip of the wand. I read rave reviews about this mascara saying that it really lengthens and curls the lashes, and the bulbous tip helps to reach all the lashes that are difficult to reach. This sounds really cool! What's better is that it is very affordable, costing less than RM20 (approx £4). If only I was back home...
7. Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel
I knew this product was available in the Malaysian market for a while but never paid much attention to it. After coming to the UK and finding out that it is pretty much a cult product here, the beauty junkie in me decided that I needed it in my life. The Marvel Gel is a product which scrubs dead skin cells and blackheads away leaving clearer, smoother skin. The interesting thing about it is that it is not exactly a face scrub; instead it is a gel product which is applied on the skin, and then rubbed till it produces flakes which are supposed to be the dead skin cells. This product would probably be great for my sensitive skin as there are no tiny grains in the product that could irritate my skin. It is ridiculously priced here in the UK, at a hefty sum of £22.50 (approx. RM112.50), and I am pretty sure it costs nowhere near that much back home, so if I do decide to get it, it will definitely be when I am back in Malaysia.
So I hope you enjoyed my wish list. I do find that reading wish lists really introduces me to different products, and it is so enjoyable, so if you have a wish list post, do post a link in the comments below, as I would love to read them! =)
What's on your wish list currently?
xx Amanda 


  1. The breakfast scrub is amazing. Smells like maple syrup and is oh-so-yummy. My personal favourite is the "The scrub of your life" which has the original pink scent (i'm in love) and it's in a gel form so you don't need very much at all! =D

    1. Hi Christabel! Now I really wanna go and get the breakfast scrub. =D "The scrub of your life" sounds cool, will check it out!

  2. I've always wanted to get the STILA In The Light Palette but I think I have far too many shadows that are similar.

    By the way, I'm selling Model's Own Snowflake on my blog if you still want to get it? x

    1. Same here! I have too many similar eyeshadows, but one day, oh one day I must get the Stila palette haha! I have already purchased the Model's Own Snowflake polish in Superdrug- couldn't resist. Thanks though for telling me =D


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