Thursday, 12 December 2013

Review: The Body Shop Shower Gels | Vineyard Peach & HoneyMania

Hello beauties!

Almost every time I walk into a Body Shop store, I head towards the shower gel aisles. I love looking at the different types of shower gels on display, all neatly arranged in a wide range of scents and colours- it's like looking at a shower gel rainbow, hee! I've never actually purchased a shower gel from the Body Shop though; instead, the only times I used the shower gels was when I received them as a gift. However, one fine day, a very persuasive and convincing sales assistant convinced me that having the 'Love Your Body' membership card was an amazing thing to have, and I only needed to spend £5 to get the card free. I don't know what got over me, but I believed her, and purchased these two babies on a whim.

Products: The Body Shop Shower Gels in Vineyard Peach and HoneyMania
Price: £4 each (approx. RM21.20)/ RM24.90 (price in Malaysia)
Made in: UK
Content: 250ml (8.4 oz) each

Scent: Vineyard Peach is a very refreshing peach scent. It's sweet, it's sharp, and makes me feel energised after smelling it. The scent is not an overpowering one, and not sickly sweet. It's just right. Sadly the scent doesn't last long after washing it off, but I guess using the body butter from the same range would make the scent last longer.

Here's the ingredients list for Vineyard Peach:

Scent: Honeymania has a strong floral scent, with undertones of sweet honey. This is quite an overpowering scent, but the scent slowly fades off after washing it off. I quite like the scent, but had a friend who sniffed it and said it smelled 'old'-she did not like it. Hee!

Here's the ingredients list for Honeymania:-

Packaging: The shower gels come bottled in clear sturdy plastic bottles which are still easy to squeeze product out of, which I like. The label of the scent shows a picture of a peach and honeycomb to suit the scent, which I find aesthetically pleasing.

Application/Texture/Consistency: These shower gels  have a light gel consistency. They are soap free which is probably good for those with sensitive skin, but I am one who loves lather, and end up using lots of shower gel (about half the size of my palm) each time to get some lather. I like how both these shower gels leave the skin feeling soft and clean after using it, and the scents are a treat to me- makes my bathing experience feel all the more pleasant! The shower gels did not cause me any irritation, breakouts or rashes.

Would I repurchase?- I do like these body gels, especially Vineyard peach. However, I do think the price is quite steep for a shower gel by Malaysian standards for the amount of product, but it does leave the skin soft and smooth, and does not cause irritation. I don't think I would repurchase Honeymania, because there are other scents I would like to try (like the Cocoa Butter one!), but I would probably treat myself to Vineyard Peach again one day.

Where can I purchase these?- You can find these goodies in The Body Shop stores nationwide both in the UK and Malaysia. If you live in Malaysia, you can also purchase these online at The Body Shop Malaysia. If you live in the UK, you can purchase these online at The Body Shop UK

Have you tried The Body Shop shower gels? Which is your favourite scent? =D

xx Amanda


  1. if you wait for their offers... 3 for 2, or right now 50% off everything.. The items are more affordable =)

    1. Yup, I normally tend to wait for their offers before purchasing anything. Only purchased these at full price to get the membership card haha! But thanks for the info! =D

  2. great post:-) I love body shop, especially with all the promotions recently! love your blog, its so polished x

    1. Thanks charnai! Yeah, body shop really do have some great promotions going on recently over here. And thanks for the compliment! =)

  3. Saya ingin mencoba yg honeymania :)
    tapi di indonesia counter TBS belum stock

    1. Hi, hopefully it will arrive in Indonesia soon! =)

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