Saturday, 11 January 2014

Project "Use Up Samples" Review | L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream

Hey dears!

I'd always been curious about L'Occitane products (especially their hand creams), but had never given them a go. I got the chance to try one of their products when I received a decent-sized sample of L'Occitane's Angelica Hydration Cream which was included in my May 2013 Glossybox.

I always like receiving face moisturiser samples. It's a good way to try out skincare products before committing to the full size, which is important for me as my skin is oh-so-sensitive. This one here is a decent 15 ml size, which amazingly lasted me for almost a whole month! A little product goes a long way.

This product claims "to instantly and lastingly moisturise and revitalise the skin" with its integrated and patented Angelica complex. "Angelica is an astonishing plant with a unique ability for self-hydration. Result: Skin is plump, smoothed, and radiant".

My first thought when I saw this little baby was "wow, it looks very eco-friendly!". The green cardboard packaging and cute little green plastic tub screams just that to me, for some reason. I brought this along when I travelled for a weekend to visit the boyfriend, and it did not crack or leak whatsoever. Sturdy packaging- always a good thing in my book. 

It smells pleasant too- it has a sharp, refreshing floral scent, which I do not mind in the least; but those who dislike scented face products may find this is not for them. The scent was such a nice one that even the boyfriend commented and asked what was that nice scent on my face- hee!

The texture of the cream is very light, it feels somewhere in between a gel and a cream. I applied it to my face in the morning and evening on most days, and it sinked into my skin quickly without leaving a sticky or greasy feel- although it did have a certain slip to it, kind of like silicone. This cream always left my skin feeling smooth and soft, and it did not cause any irritation or breakouts.

Does it do what it claims? I definitely think it does. I like how it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft; I like the scent, and I like how I only have to use a pea-sized amount to fully moisturise my face. The only thing that's putting me off purchasing it is that it costs £30 (approx. RM150) for a full size 50ml tub. Oh, and that it's not that hygienic to stick my fingers into the cream due to the fact that it comes in a tub. Plus, I just love trying out new products. But I don't know, maybe one day when I've saved enough, I'll purchase this!

Have you tried this face cream? What L'Occitane products have you tried/would like to try? =D

xx Amanda


  1. Haven't tried this.. I think I wasn't a fan of the smell, I can't remember why, but the hand cream is the best. The Neutrogena hand cream is really good as well, being one of the cheaper alternatives, but I really love the shea butter hand cream! I tried a trial size and now keep going back for the travel sizes!

    1. Ooh yeah I've heard lots about the hand cream! They always come as freebies with magazines here too- hehe! I have to look out for them. Thanks! =)


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