Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Hint of Fragrance

Hi dears!

Perfumes are something which I really enjoy but recently are not items which I wear as often as I think I should. That is mainly because I my perfume collection consists of sweet (bordering heady) floral scents; but lately I have been favouring sweet, light scents. So I rummaged around my collection and here's some of my top picks for fragrances that smell sweet and fresh, without being too overpowering and which gives me a headache after half an hour! =)

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom (Fleur de Cerisier) EDT
This is my favourite scent at the moment! This light floral fragrance smells like a mixture of cherry blossom flowers and soap powder. It is a scent which makes me feel fresh and smell clean every time I use it, and it always transports me back to spring when all the flowers are just blooming. It is not an overpowering scent and I always get compliments on how nice I smell whenever I use this. Granted, staying power of this perfume on me is less than average - about 2 hours - but I don't mind as this is one perfume I would happily re-spritz throughout the day!

Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour EDT
I am pretty sure the manufacturers of this perfume meant this to somewhat be a dupe of a well-known high end perfume out there in the market. I mean, look at it! Does it not remind you of any specific perfume? Hehe! Anyway, comparing this perfume to that higher end one, I honestly prefer the scent of this one. Belle Amour is a lovely floral fragrance which smells like a rose bouquet with hints of apple, melon and blackcurrant. I have used this scent for years and I never tire of it. It is such a light refreshing scent which never fails to lift my mood. If this is sold in your country and you're in search of an affordable light scent, definitely do check this out. It's lovely.

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia EDT
This scent is slightly different from the first two mentioned because although it still has a floral scent, it smells more fresh, clean and airy. I can only put that down to the violet leaves, pear and lemon notes found in this fragrance. This scent makes me feel like going for a run around a flower garden, if that makes sense. It makes me feel invigorated - not in a zesty way, but in a 'wake up and smell the flowers' way. Haha! Lasting power on me averages 4 hours, and sillage is quite low. But I find that this scent is the perfect balance between fresh and floral, and I would purchase it again one day when mine runs out. My sister loves this so much she used up almost 3/4 of it in two months - that's saying something!

DKNY Be Delicious EDP
Be Delicious is probably the freshest scent out of these four. Its top notes includes green notes, apple and grapefruit, and makes this smell very energising. I do detect hints of cucumber too, which adds to the 'freshness' of this perfume. This is a pretty daytime scent I enjoy wearing when going out shopping or meeting friends for lunch as if lifts my mood and makes me feel more chirpy. Staying power of this scent is also about 4 hours, which is average to me. My only gripe about this perfume would be its packaging. I don't really like the round shape because it feels quite bulky and makes it difficult to take pictures when I lie it down, hehe! But that's only a minor issue as the scent more than makes up for it!

So that sums up my top choices for light, fresh fragrances! Thanks so much for reading!

What are your light and fresh fragrance picks? =D

xx Amanda


  1. I actually never tried any of these, but I'm really curious! :3 Specially abou the Be Delicious.
    take care*

    1. Do give them a try! They all smell amazing! Be Delicious is a lovely apple-y scent!

  2. I've been totally looking around for a fragrance! Great post! I love the smell of the DKNY Be Delicious. They actually have one in a Be Delicious Skin version that moisturizes the skin. How crazy is that? ^_^

    I hope you can come check out my new blog and give me some advice :)

    1. Thanks! Glad you like my post! DKNY Be Delicious is definitely lovely! Oh I've seen the Skin version online but never tested it in store. Does it really moisturise the skin? Your blog is lovely and very informative - thanks for sharing!


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