Thursday, 18 September 2014

My In-Flight Travel Must-Haves

Hey dolls!

Apologies for not updating my blog for the last week or so. I've recently only moved back from the UK to Malaysia and was extremely busy packing (it's no easy feat  moving back to another country!) and settling last minute matters. I arrived home completely jet-lagged and took about a week to recover- and now I'm here writing this post!

We all know the air in an airplane is very drying and can leave our skin feeling and looking dehydrated if not properly moisturised and hydrated. So here are the products I cannot live without in a plane (especially during long-haul flights!).

I do not wear makeup on any flight just because I cannot be bothered. If you do wear makeup, it's best to remove all traces of makeup so that your skin can breathe. Once the plane has taken off, I start my in-flight routine by spritzing my face with a facial mist. I'm liking La Roche Posay's Thermal Spring Water because it leaves my face feeling cool and refreshed and does not irritate my skin. I then use hand sanitiser to get rid of all germs and bacteria on my hands.

To ensure my skin looks well-rested and fresh once I step off the plane, I slather on a good amount of face moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated. Despite the slight medicinal scent, Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion + does a brilliant job in-flight at keeping skin dryness at bay, and it does not leave my skin feeling greasy or oily as well. The skin on my body is important too, so I make sure to apply body lotion on areas exposed to the recycled air of the plane such as my arms and neck.

My hands are always prone towards feeling more tight and dry so I use a more heavy-duty moisturiser to keep my hands feeling soft and supple. I really like Crabtree & Evelyn's Rosewater Moisturising Hand Therapy because it is a rich cream which sinks into my skin easily without leaving it greasy and makes my hands feel oh-so-soft. Also, I currently have a love for all things rose-scented so the Rosewater cream and I really hit it off. Lastly, I sanitise my hands and then apply a thick, luscious layer of Nivea's Caramel Cream Lip Butter to my lips. The lip butter smells gorgeous (like vanilla and caramel popcorn!) and it keeps my lips super hydrated and protected from the harsh air in the plane.

In a long-haul flight, I tend to repeat my in-flight beauty regime at least 2-3 times, but it is so worth it as my skin never fails to look fresh and well-rested upon disembarking. I just always have to make sure when packing that I remember to bring travel size goodies (maximum 100ml content) to ensure I comply with the liquid restrictions!

What are your in-flight essentials? =D

xx Amanda


  1. I love thermal sprays, and have been using the La Roche Posay and Avene's! I'm using Clinique's Dramatically Different lotion too at the moment and I quite like it. Absolutely love Crabtree and Evelyn's hand creams, my favourite scent is pomegranate and grapeseed :)

    1. I've never tried Avene's thermal spray, but I've heard it's good! Glad you're liking Clinique's moisturiser too! I must try the Pomegranate and Grapeseed hand creams - thanks for sharing! =D

  2. I have an addiction to every Johnson's baby product :)
    little taste of heaven

    1. Johnson's baby products are amazing! I can totally understand why you like them! xx

  3. Ohh these picks are very cute! :3
    & the Lip Butter looks yummy! C:

    1. Thank you! =D The Lip Butter is so good! And it smells yummy!


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