Thursday, 13 November 2014

QUICK UPDATE: Why the Blog Has Been Silent Recently

Hey loves!

I'm guessing some of you (or maybe it's just me) have been wondering why I have not been posting of late. Things have been so busy on my end. After coming back home from the UK, I was job hunting and that took up quite a bit of my spare time. Also, my family home renovation is finally done and been moving things back to the house - so tiring! - that by the time I'm done after each day I want nothing more but to just lie down and do nothing. 

Am settling back into the family home but there's currently no wifi as it has not been moved back from the rented accommodation yet so I can't upload pictures from my camera into my laptop and then into my blog.

Things will hopefully be up and running again soon so I hope you'll stay tuned for that!

Thanks for understanding and your patience! =D

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