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Ever looked at your skin and thought to yourself "I wish my skin would look less dull and more healthy?". Okay, so maybe you have not but I certainly have. Skincare to me, is an important aspect of my lifestyle and healthy, glowy skin is a mission of mine of late. I recently tried out a new range of skin care products which contain a lovely special ingredient. Wanna know my thoughts on it? Just read on. May I present to you - products from asta.tude...

The brand 'asta.tude' comprises of two different words - 'astaxanthin' and 'attitude'. 'Astaxanthin' represents the quality of the products and the 'attitude' aspect is built upon the concept of an individual who is bold, strong and confident. I personally really like this concept because confidence in oneself is, to me, really important. Everyone is unique and special in their own way, and a brand that highlights that uniqueness gets brownie points in my books. And good quality products- now, that's always a plus point!

Astaxanthin is a keto-caretonoid super antioxidant obtained from, amongst others, the microalgae 'Haematococcus Pluvialis' (HM). HM is said to prevent free radicals from attacking our skin and causing it to age. So with astaxanthin, apparently our skin grows stronger and more resilient. Now, I'm sure you have noticed that the products in my pictures have a slight orange/peach colour to it. This is because astaxanthin has a red-pink coloured pigment. Fun fact - did you know this vibrant pigmentation is what gives salmon, lobster, shrimp and other seafood its pinkish colour? How cool is that?!
What I have here today is a trial pack* of the products from the anti-aging range.This trial pack consists of the cleansing milk, cleansing gel, toning lotion, booster serum, day moisturiser, night moisturiser and a free sample of their compact foundation (which I will not be reviewing for the purposes of today's post). The products are a decent size and give a good amount of product for you to properly test their products to see if you like them and if they work for your skin.

Cleansing milk (30 ml)
asta.tude's cleansing milk is a lightweight cream/milk cleanser infused with jojoba oil, olive oil and pueraria lobata extract. This cleanser gently cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple. The first time I used this, my skin tingled and felt numb but I understand that this is normal the first few times you use the product. I quite like the feeling though, as it makes me feel as if the product is working, if that makes sense! I use this at night as a double cleanse after I have used micellar water/makeup remover gel on my face and it really gets rid of all traces of makeup and impurities from my skin. 

Cleansing gel (30 ml)
I use this gel cleanser in the morning and it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and clean. It leaves my skin feeling slightly tight on some days but generally my skin feels hydrated and supple when I use this. I have used this as a double cleanse at night but I prefer the milk cleanser as the texture just feels more comforting to me at night and helps me prepare for bed hehe! If you are wondering, the tingly numb sensation with this baby is not that strong, but it still works its magic on my skin. If you're wondering, this cleanser is filled with lots of lovely ingredients such as yeast protein to brighten and hydrate the skin, liquorice with its anti-inflammatory properties and aloe vera to soothe, hydrate and firm the skin.

Toning lotion (30 ml)
I use this after the cleansing milk or cleansing gel and this toner leaves my skin feeling oh-so-refreshed and clean. It has a slight tightening and lifting effect which I really like and it gives me a glow which makes me look so healthy - how can I say no to that?! This toner, filled with algae extract and pumpkin seed extract, has a very watery texture and it sinks into the skin super quick so you have to work fast with this one. You can use this with a cotton pad but I prefer using my hands to apply and pat the lotion into my skin- that way, my palms get to soak up all this goodness too!

Booster serum (5 ml)
This serum claims to target all aspects of skin aging in one bottle - skin will be calmer, smoother, firmer, more radiant, more even in tone and pores will be less visible. It has an extremely lightweight, runny gel formula and sinks in even quicker than the toner so I recommend applying this very very quickly on the skin or apply the product one face section at a time. Sounds amazing right? I can tell you - it is true. This product, together with the rest of the trial pack babies, have done all that and more. You can read on in the 'Results' portion below to see what I thought of how it works but I will stick to describing this baby here- hee! Packed with sodium hyaluronate, pumpkin seed extract and ginger root extract, this serum packs a punch in the skin calming department. I really like this one.

Day moisturiser (8 grams)
This baby is specially formulated with mushroom extract to hydrate and brighten the skin, collagen which firms the skin and reduces fine lines, and apple stem cell which rejuvenated and revitalises the skin. It contains SPF 35 which is always lovely as I feel sun protection is very important. This product is a light cream which sinks quickly into the skin and has a slight matte finish. Although it has a slightly heavier feel compared to the other products, fret not as this moisturiser does not feel heavy on the skin and it helps the skin stay smooth, protected and moisturised. A pea-sized amount covers my face pretty well so a little goes a long way!

Night moisturiser (8 grams)
The night moisturiser is probably one of my faves out of this trial pack. It has a very light gel texture which leaves a cooling sensation on the skin while hydrating it. Infused with collagen, apple stem cell and mushroom extract, I use a pea-sized amount of this goodie and it spreads and sinks easily into my skin without leaving it feeling greasy or sticky. Skin is left looking bright and glowy the next morning - love it!

You're probably wondering, "so, what did this do for your skin?". I tell you- this did something to my skin, alright. The first week, my skin purged. But this is good news to me because it is getting out all that gunk that was stuck in my skin. After 1.5 weeks, I noticed that my skin texture was more even, my skin looked brighter and my face had a healthy glow! I used to have a few closed comedones in my cheek area, but these have pretty much disappeared. My face also feels a teeny bit more firm so I think these babies are working its magic in the firming department. I do not have fine lines and wrinkles yet so I cannot say whether these would work on those but I do feel these are good anti-aging products. After a month, I can honestly say that these products have improved my skin dramatically. I have never looked so glowy and radiant in a long time! Granted, I do not think these products made my skin more hydrated, but to me that is a non-issue as I can easily apply a hydrating serum to solve that. But glowy skin, now that's something only these products have seemed to help me achieve! It also did not cause my skin any rashes or irritation, which is never a bad thing.

Overall, I am quite impressed with these products and I would stock up on them once I am done with this. If you are looking for products to help improve your skin, do give asta.tude a try as it may work for you! I did and it changed my skin for the better. I'm so pleased =) However, do make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned before trying out the products because everyone reacts differently to different products, so your mileage may vary! 
I have not seen this brand in store yet but they do sell their products on their Facebook page here. If I do come across it anywhere in stores, I will definitely update you!

Have you heard of this brand? What products do you use to give you glowy skin? =D 

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