Thursday, 29 September 2011

Review: Elf Studio Powder Brush

Hey there!

So the first brush I'm gonna review is Elf's Studio Powder Brush, which comes from their Studio line.

The brush in it's packaging

Elf's Powder Brush!
As you can see, the brushes from the Studio line are black in colour and look very sleek and professional (I like!).

A view from the top

A side view of the brush

What do I think? I ADORE this brush! The bristles of this flat- top brush slightly flare out, and is very dense. I use it to dust pressed powder on my face, to apply bronzer and blush as well as liquid foundation.

I was so surprised that the effects were great! As the bristles are dense, it helps give me more control when applying product on my face. When I use it to apply blush or bronzer, the results- a sculpted, professional look.

The bristles are also AMAZINGLY soft, not scratchy on my face at all! I washed it once and there was no shedding too!

The only downside is that the handle of the brush is slightly loose now so I have to hold it tighter to prevent it from shaking (and also from falling out one day!).

Comparing this to the Elianto Blush Brush, this beats it flat IMHO.

So I definitely recommend this brush if you can get it shipped here.
What other brushes would you recommend?

xx Amanda


  1. Sigma F80 for powders and foundations. Lasts longer. ^.^ Half the price of a Mac one so yeah, way pricier than ELF but at the end of the day, more value I guess for the quality.

  2. Where can I get sigma brushes? I'd need to get them shipped?


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