Thursday, 29 September 2011

Elf Makeup Brushes

Hey ya all!

Sorry for not posting sooner, been busy taking pictures and trying to make sure I take 'em right. Haha!

So today I'm gonna give quite a LENGTHY review on the Elf brushes I bought on my haul when I was in the UK a couple months back.

The brushes I bought!
 Elf is an American brand known for their affordable yet reasonably good quality products. Unfortunately, it is unavailable back here in Malaysia, so the nearest place we can get it shipped from is Singapore. Check out their Singapore website here: or go to their main website here:

All the brushes I bought from the Studio line cost £3.50 (approx. RM17.50) each and the brushes from the normal line cost £1.50 (approx. RM7.50) each and are all made of synthetic material
Am gonna break up my reviews according to the brushes to make it less messy. So keep reading for the reviews!

xx Amanda

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