Tuesday, 22 May 2012

News: SILKYGIRL New Products & the Blogger's Event! =D

Hi dearies!

So, I'm not a makeup snob- really. But I guiltily admit that for the past couple of years, I have bypassed the Silkygirl counter every time I head to a pharmacy. I do still use products from them, like their lipgloss (which I really adore), but mainly it's because I felt i had 'outgrown' the products made available by that brand. But you know what? I take that back. I've completely changed my view now. Haha! =D

If you're wondering why, it all started when I attended a blogger event organised by Silkygirl on the 19.5.2012 at The Bee, Jaya One. I was very honoured to be invited and they were launching two new products- Skin Perfect CC 2-way Foundation and Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen. A few other bloggers and myself were treated to a makeup demonstration using their existing products as well as the new products. We could help ourselves to the products and play with them too! It was so much fun, hee! =D

A cool vanity case all set up!

And on to the stars of the show...

Silkygirl's Skin Perfect CC (Colour Control) 2-Way Foundation! and...

Silkygirl's Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen! You're probably wondering why the background in this picture is different - I forgot to take a picture of it at the event itself. Hehe! =3

I was mesmerised by the makeup demonstration that was going on, and did not really play much with the items in front of me (maybe i should have?). But the makeup artist was so good! I really just have a thing for watching people applying makeup and her skill was just so good (I've said so good twice now, 'cause she really IS good haha!) that I really did prefer watching her over playing with the makeup goodies in front of me.

The blond makeup artist! =D

She taught us and also explained how to use the products, including the new ones I just mentioned. So after the makeup demo, there was munchies! =D

Oh, and check out the vanity case all lighted up!

Looks so pretty and glam!

At the end of the event, we each received a goodie bag! =D

The goodies came in a cute lil case - so generous!

Open sesame =D

So in my lil' goodies bag, I received a BB Cream in 01 Natural, the Skin Perfect CC 2-Way Foundation in 02 Nude and 03 Natural, Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen and the Duo Eye Shadow in 27 Silver Star. So excited to try 'em all out!

Okay, so now I'll just give a brief introduction about the new products and my first impressions of them. Reviews of them will come soon as I'm currently testing them out. =D

Left to right: 01 Light, 02 Nude, 03 Natural, 04 Medium

Silkygirl's Skin Perfect CC Colour Control 2-Way Foundation comes in four shades: 01 Light, 02 Nude, 03 Natural and 04 Medium. It retails at RM26.90, which I think is pretty affordable, and has a special introductory price of RM23.90! When I first tried it, I was so surprised at how smooth and soft it felt- not chalky, and it did not apply cakey on my skin at all. Should definitely go give it try, IMO! =D

And the next one is the Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen which is a felt-tip eyeliner.

This has a pretty long nib which is slightly stiff so it's very easy to draw lines with. The ink is very black which I really like, and the tip is pointy- great for doing a cat-flick. =D The retails at RM18.90, also a very affordable price compared to some other felt-tip liners which cost much more.

Another product which they have new shades of is the Duo Eye Shadow, with four new palettes.

Top: (L-R) 26 Hazy Pink, 25 Golden Jade; Bottom: (L-R) 24 Purple Storm, 27 Silver Star
These eyeshadows have pretty good pigmentation with vivid colours that last for quite a while even without an eye primer (I know 'cause I tried- hee!). These retail for RM16.90 but have a special introductory price of RM13.90.

All these items will be available at all major pharmacies, personal care and departmental stores nationwide from June 2012 onwards, although I have already seen them in Watson's and Guardian, although only sold in limited quantities. So do check them out 'cause I do think they're quite good quality and rather affordable! =D

NOTE: I am not affiliated with the company in any manner and am not helping promote items. All opinions stated above are my own honest opinions, and the products in the goodie bag were given to me, and not purchased with my own money.

Do you like SILKYGIRL products? =D

xx Amanda


  1. Hi Amanda! It was nice meeting you! I wanna blog about his event too, but im waiting for the silkygirl to post the picture they took during the vent of all of us. haha! i love the eyeliner!!!

    1. Hey Sabrina! It was nice meeting you too! =D oh yeah, I know what you mean, but I thought I'd just blog about it anyway. Hehe! The pictures are out already though. =) and yes I love the eyeliner too! Been using it and really like it.=D


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