Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Review: LiPSMACKER Paul Frank Julius' Strawberry Banana Lipgloss

Hello dearies!

So I am one person who just adores using lipbalm or lipgloss, but lipbalm especially is an essential item in my daily beauty routine. I received another lipbalm (although the packaging calls it a lipgloss- hmm..) to review from YUBERACTIVE, so let's get on to it! =D

Product: LiPSMACKER Paul Frank Julius' Strawberry Banana Lipgloss
Price: RM12.90
Made in: USA
Content: 4 grams

Here's the list of ingredients:

Packaging: This lipgloss comes in a slim tube, just like a lipbalm normally would, and has real cute packaging! The cap is bright red, with pink and yellow gracing the tube itself, making this lipgloss a fun and cute addition to anyone's makeup collection! =D It is twistable upwards and downwards, so no worries about twisting the product up and it not going back down again. The plastic packaging is also quite solid - not flimsy feeling, yet it's super light to tote around. =)

Application/Texture/Consistency: The lipgloss is flat-shaped and glides on smoothly on the lips. It is a pink-purple colour which is very cute, and applies clear. The texture is quite waxy, but does provide quite a decent amount of moisturisation for the lips, and does not leave a white layer of film on my lips at the end of the day. It does work like a lipgloss, leaving mainly a clear glossy sheen with a very slight hint of pink on the lips, minus the hassle of using an applicator to apply the product, so a plus point for that if you use it as a lipgloss! =D

Scent/Taste: I can't really pinpoint the exact smell of this lipgloss. It does smell a bit like bananas, but I do not know if I can say it smells like strawberries. Whatever it is, it definitely smells sweet! Hee! The scent is not too overpowering and fades away after a while, so for those who do not like scents, this product may not bug you. I can't say the same for the taste though. Instead of tasting something sweet, I tasted something waxy, which to me is quite unpleasant and makes me feel like removing the lipgloss instantly. This may not bother some people, but it definitely bothered me.

Price: At RM12.90, it is reasonably priced, although I do feel that there are many other lip products out there in the market which work better for the same price or slightly more or less.

Anyway, here's a quick picture of my lips with the product on:-

You can see it leaves the lips glossy, right? =D Convenient for those who may not want to apply lipgloss with an applicator or with colour but would still like glossy, plump-looking lips. =D

Would I purchase?- No. I have to say that I've tried quite a couple of LiPSMACKER products and all of them seem to leave that waxy taste and feeling on my lips which I do not like. This does the same, so again, it is yet to blow my mind away, as much as I've been trying to like their products.

Where can I purchase this?- This product is available at Guardian Phamacy, Watson's Personal Care Store, Sasa and Parkson nationwide.

Have you tried this product? What lipbalms would you recommend for dry lips? =)

NOTE: This product was given to me for consideration and I did not purchase it. However, I can assure you that my opinion is my honest opinion and not biased in any way towards or against the sponsor. =)

xx Amanda


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    1. Yea it is! It's a shame I dislike the waxy feeling of the lip balm, because the packaging - I absolutely adore! =D


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