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Review: Baviphat Woori Gokmul Nut Mask Sheet

Hello lovelies!

So I was randomly just browsing through the beauty department in Parkson and I chanced upon the Baviphat counter there. I've already seen the counter before in Watson's Sunway Pyramid but the products sold in this Parkson were slightly different from that in Watson's at that time. Being curious (as usual) I decided to grab a facial mask just to try out the stuff from this brand. Oh, before I forget- Baviphat is a Korean cosmetics/skincare brand similar to that of The Face Shop, Etude House and a few others that we have here in Malaysia.

Product: Baviphat Woori Gokmul Nut Mask Sheet (Nutritious & Lifting)
Price: RM5.90
Made in: Korea
Content: 23 grams (1 sheet)

I got this picture while searching on Google 'cause I forgot to take a back snapshot of the packaging- Hehe!

Packaging: It was actually the packaging that caught my attention- it's so cute! Like some lil' brown elf smiling all happily. Haha! I just don't know how else to describe it besides saying it's CUTE. =D

Application/Texture/Consistency: This sheet mask comes in a circle-shape which I found a bit funny because my face is nowhere near the shape of a circle, but it was not that difficult to place on my face. The sheet mask is extremely soaked with essence, leading to it feeling quite wet on my face, and I felt quite uncomfortable at first as I do with all sheet masks (I am a peel-off or wash-off mask person any day), but after a while it started to sink into the skin and felt less icky. The essence felt slimy, but if it's doing good for my skin, I can tolerate. Haha!

Scent: This sheet mask had a very comforting scent. It smells exactly like nuts! What nuts I am not sure, but definitely a very nutty scent. I like it though- it gave me a very 'comfy' feeling. =D

According to the info I found on the Baviphat Singapore website, this sheet mask contains:-

Acorn to make skin glow and the inner pulp of chestnuts which is effective in tightening pores. It is a highly concentrated essence mask which contains various moisturising factors such as betaine, shea butter, etc., to invigorate dry skin.

How I use it: I followed exactly the instructions for use which I also found on the Baviphat Singapore website, so I'll just list it here:-

1. After washing face, apply skin toner. (I also scrubbed my face prior to applying toner)
2. Take mask out of its packaging then unfold. Gently press against face with fingertips to fully attach on face.
3. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes to calm skin, and remove mask.
4. Gently pat any remaining solution for absorption.

After patting in the remaining essence into my skin, I found it to feel quite sticky on my skin, although it dried up after a while so that was not much of a problem. I went to bed and the next morning, my skin felt amazingly soft! My pores also were minimised and my skin felt soft and supple. However, after cleansing my face in the morning, my skin's condition went back to normal, although it still felt soft and supple for about a day. When I was cleansing my face, I also felt a layer of the essence film slide off my face - probably overloaded the product on my face the previous night. The packaging mentioned 'Lifting' as one of the effects of using this mask, although IMO I did not feel as if my face was lifted or firmer in any way.

Price: At RM5.90, it is quite affordable for a sheet mask.

Here's a picture of me wearing the mask (I think I look real tired though, as I was just about to pop into bed! So please excuse the crazy hair and half-dead face, hee! =3). Just wanted to show it to you all anyway so you can get an idea of how the mask looks like:-

Would I repurchase?- Probably not because there are so many masks out there in the market to try! Although the effects of this mask do not last long as goes for most sheet masks, this is still a handy product to use if you would like a quick pampering session or want to prep your face for an event or a night out as it does give rather nice temporary effects.

Where can I purchase this?- At Baviphat counters in selected Parkson department stores, and selected Watson's Personal Care Stores (if I'm not mistaken)

Have you tried Baviphat products? Do you like them?

xx Amanda

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