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Review: Silkygirl Skin Perfect CC 2-Way Foundation

Hiya lovelies!

So today I have a foundation review for you! In the blogger's event that I attended not too long ago (which I posted about here), I received this product in the goodie bag I was given in two different shades: 02 Nude and 03 Natural. So anyway, I'll get into the review now. Hee! =D

Product: Silkygirl Skin Perfect Colour Control (CC) 2-Way Foundation SPF 25/PA++
Price: RM26.90
Made in: Thailand
Content: 11grams

Packaging: The foundation comes in a simple white plastic casing with silver detailing and the brand's name Silkygirl on the top of it. The packaging is simple- I like. It is quite light but because of it's shape and size can be a bit bulky as the packaging is not that compact. The packaging has a clasp opening and it opens to the first layer which contains a white sponge which can be used for application. Push the first layer up and the second layer reveals the foundation with a plastic sleeve covering it for hygiene purposes as well as a mirror, which I find really convenient especially when I'm on the go and need to touch up. There's also two little slits at the back of the top cover which helps provide ventilation for the sponge, at least, I think that's what it's for. =)

Here's a list of what it claims to do:-

Application/Texture/Consistency: The instructions say that the foundation is to be applied with the sponge starting from the center of the face outwards. I tried using the sponge and although I do feel it does provide quite good coverage, I still much prefer using a brush to apply the foundation. The foundation can be applied both dry and wet, with the latter providing a fuller coverage. Application either dry or wet is easy and the foundation is easily applied on the skin, and it blends well without looking cakey. Coverage is light to medium but this is buildable. It does a pretty good job in evening out my skin tone and also covering redness, which to me is a plus point because having sensitive skin, my skin tends to look splotchy sometimes, and this helped cover the splotchiness. It also reduces shine and gives a matte yet natural finish to the skin. This foundation also slightly helps reduce the appearance of my pores and blackheads, and I also noticed that it helps brighten my face, and not in a bad way like it makes me look white or leaves a white cast. It doesn't do either that I just mentioned, but leaves me looking more fresh-faced.

Left: 02 Nude, Right: 03 Natural

Colour: As you can see from the picture above, 02 Nude looks more peachy and has pink undertones compared to 03 Natural which looks yellow-beige and has quite yellow/brown undertones. Personally, I feel 02 Nude suits my skin tone more, but when I do get slightly tan sometimes, 03 Natural suits it better.

Here's the list of ingredients (sorry 'bout the lighting, I took this picture last minute under orange light. Hehe!):-

Durability: This lasts on my skin for approx. 4 hours before I need to touch up again, because I do tend to get oily especially on my T-zone. This may last longer on those who have dry skin. It also does not transfer a lot of product, so I don't have to worry about suddenly having a foundation smear on whatever I'm using at the moment to dab at my face if I forget and pat my face with my sleeve or a napkin.

How I use it: I normally use it with my Elf Studio Powder Brush and just buff the product into my face in light, circular motions. Although, as I do have dry patches on my cheeks, the powder applied dry does emphasise these dry patches. I tried appliying it with a dry sponge and got the same results. I then tried applying it with a wet sponge, and although there was a slight difference in coverage where it was a bit more full, my dry patches were still emphasised. Applying moisturiser on my dry patches and then applying the foundation before the moisturiser is completely dry solved that problem of dry patches. However, I do not use the sponge personally because sponges have to be washed each time after usage as it traps bacteria and I feel that is quite unhygienic. That is also the reason why I do not apply my 2-way foundation wet, because wet foundation would be a breeding ground for bacteria. Putting that aside, I also found that if I continuously placed foundation on a certain trouble spot I wanted to cover and blended it out, it covered the spot quite well, working rather like a concealer. =) I also experienced no breakouts and no itchiness or allergic reactions when using this product.

Here's swatches of both the foundations (I hope you can see the difference because I was not sure what lighting to take pictures under):-

Left: 02 Nude, Right: 03 Natural

Left: 02 Nude, Right: 03 Natural

Top: 03 Natural, Bottom: 02 Nude

Price: At RM26.90, I do think this foundation is affordable for the amount of product and also because it does work quite well as a foundation.

Would I purchase?- Yes, I probably would purchase 02 Nude as it works pretty well as a powder foundation for me. Plus, it's not tested on animals. =)

Where can I purchase this?- At Watson's, Guardian, Caring Pharmacy.

Have you tried this? What foundations would you suggest for combination skin? =D

NOTE: I did not purchase this product. It was given to me as part of a goodie bag at a blogger's event. However, I assure you that all opinions are my own honest opinions and not biased towards or against the sponsor.


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  2. I like it ,because colours look naturally.^^

    1. Yup! The colours are definitely very natural-looking! =D

  3. The colours look good. I think Natural would suit me better even if it's a little dark. We also have Silky Girl here and I'll definitely check this powder out :) Thanks!

    CJ | From Manila with Love : Beauty, Life & Feminism

    1. The colours are pretty good! And the powder is quite fine too. Hope you're liking this if you're using it now :) xx


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