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Review: SAMPAR Ultra Hydrating Fluid

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So I've got another product review for you all today and this product comes from a brand named Sampar which has just arrived in Malaysian shores about a month ago! SAMPAR is a French brand and comes from Paris. SAMPAR products are claimed to be designed to neutralise negative effects of pollution on the skin, leaving it moisturised and with a healthy glow. The brand consists of a few ranges which are: Essentials, Pure Perfection, Cosmake-up, Age Antidote, City of Light, and Winsome Body. The SAMPAR Fluide Ultra Hydratant (which is what this product is called in French) face moisturiser comes from the Essentials range which is basic skin care for all skin types.

Product: SAMPAR Ultra Hydrating Fluid (Fluide Ultra Hydratant)
Price: RM276
Made in: France
Content: 50ml

What it claims: This moisturising fluid claims to provide long-lasting hydration with a minimum of 12 hours besides refining the skin's texture and protecting the skin from wind, pollution and cold weather.

Packaging: It is quite difficult for me to comment on the packaging as I was only sent a sample sized product to try out. However, I have seen the product itself in store and all I can say is that it looks quite classy and the light pastel pink of the packaging adds a touch of sweetness to the overall look of the bottle. It also comes in a pump which is more hygienic than if it were to come in a tub, and the pump also does help control the amount of product dispensed.

Here's my little 15ml sample sized tube:-

Application/Texture/Consistency: This off-white coloured moisturiser has a very light texture and a thin consistency, but it is not at all runny. I would describe it as a liquid-gel moisturiser, if that makes sense- it is runny enough that it can be easily spread across the face during application, but not too runny that it slides all over my hands and my face when I am applying it. I found the texture of this moisturiser a bit different at first because I am so used to using runny moisturisers, but after a while this was a nice product to apply. It spreads easily on the skin and absorbs quite quickly into the skin. I do find that it leaves a slight greasy, sticky feel to the skin but this disappears after about an hour and my skin is left feeling plump and hydrated. However, it did not make my skin look oily, so that's a plus point.

List of ingredients:-

Scent: This moisturiser has a very light rose scent which smells lovely to me. It smells quite calming and is not overwhelming at all. The scent does not annoy me, but it only lasts for about 2-3 hours, so those who are annoyed by scents may probably not be bothered by the scent.

Directions on how to use it:-

How I use it: After cleansing and applying toner to my face, I take a pea-sized amount of this product, dot the product all over my face and then I massage the product into my skin in upward, circular motions. A small amount is needed to to the job so a little goes a long way when it comes to this product. I also use this before makeup application and it helps provide a smooth, moisturised base for foundation. I feel that after using it for a few weeks, my skin looks more plump, moisturised and glowy, besides having more of an even skin tone. The moisturiser has also helped calm my usually dry and sensitive skin and the oily parts of my face did not get greasy when I used this product. I also experienced no irritations or breakouts when using this product.

Here's how the moisturiser looks like:-

Price: At RM276, I have to say it is way out of my budget but for those who can afford it, this would be a pretty good buy if you're looking for a moisturiser that is suitable for sensitive skin, has a nice, light rose scent and does a decent job in providing hydration for the face.

I thought I'd include in a picture below of how this product is written in different languages 'cause it just seemed fun to do so. =D

Would I purchase?- I don't think so, mainly because the price is slightly too steep, and also because I can find moisturisers that also do a decent job at a lower price. However, like I mentioned earlier, if this is within your budget, I think it is worth giving a go at because it seems to be suitable for sensitive skin like mine. =)

Where can I purchase this?- For this moment, you can purchase this online at SAMPAR Malaysia or at their counter in Parkson in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre. If you're not from Malaysia, SAMPAR also has their main website which I'll include HERE so you can check out their products if you want.

Have you tried SAMPAR products? What do you think of them? =D

DISCLOSURE: This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.

xx Amanda


  1. Thanks for sharing Amanda..

    I have some SAMPAR products but have yet to try them out (the magic peel and foam peel). I tried the glamour shot but didn't like it as much so I''ll use it as an eyelid base/eyeshadow primer..

    But the hydrating fluid sounds promising =)

    1. You're welcome Kay! I have not tried the products you mentioned before. I would be great to see reviews of them on your blog! =D I also have glamour shot but have not tried it out.. And yea, the moisturi see is quite good for sensitive skin especially! =D


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