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Review: SILKYGIRL Ice Cream Lip Pot SPF 15

Hello dearies!

As you all would probably know if you read my blog, being a lip balm addict means I'm always game for trying out new lip balms in the market and this LIMITED EDITION one is no exception.

Product: SILKYGIRL Ice Cream Lip Pot SPF 15
Price: RM11.90
Made in: China
Content: 10grams

What it claims: This product claims to be a rich, creamy lip balm which leaves a glossy finish and does not dry out lips. It contains Vitamin E which is easily absorbed into the skin, helps prevent free radical damage besides reducing fine lines for younger looking lips. It also contains SPF 15 to protect lips against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Here's the back of the packaging as well as the list of ingredients:-

Packaging: The first thing I noticed about this lip balm is the extremely cute packaging. The lip balm is encased in a tiny little pot which looks like a miniature ice cream tub and the chocolate and vanilla flavours are swirled together in the pot. For those who like cute packaging, this is very likely to win your heart. I'm not all for packaging but this product certainly does look good on my table. =) The lip pot is very lightweight and is very easy to tote around. My only gripe about the packaging is that it is in a little pot. I always find dipping my fingers into products a tad unhygienic and it is the same in this case. I just feel like I am planting bacteria in the product, and that irks me off slightly. Other than that though, the packaging is definitely very cute. =)

Application/Texture/Consistency: This lip balm looks firm in the pot but it is soft to the touch and feels very slippery and smooth when I take some product out to use. The slippery texture makes application a breeze and it glides easily on the lips. It feels slightly sticky when I touch it but on the lips I find that the sticky feeling is barely there at all. However, it does have a slight grainy feel to it for some reason, which annoyed me at first, but the more I used it, the more I've gotten used to that feeling. I find that this lip balm also leaves a slight brown/white cast to my lips and it slightly neutralises the colour of my lips. When dried, it does also leave a light film of a milkish colour which I do not really like, but scraping it off my lips normally does the trick to removing it- it's just extra hassle though. The product also did seep into my fine lines, but those lines were not emphasised by the product. The lip balm also does leave a glossy finish, so for those of you who like to apply just lip balm but still get a glossy look on the lips, this product may be for you. =)


Scent/Taste: This product smells super sweet! Although it is supposed to be chocolate and vanilla, I find that it smells more like vanilla- which is not a bad thing at all. It also tastes sweet, but I find it tastes fruity instead of the vanilla scent I seem to detect whenever I use this product. The sweet taste makes it really hard to resist licking my lips though! =D

Durability: This product claims to lock in 6 hours of moisture in the lips, but I find it does so on my lips for a maximum of 3 hours. It lasts on my lips for approx. an hour before completely fading off and reapplication is needed. Eating causes it to disappear but I find that the lip balm stays on when I drink, even if I'm drinking water from a cup- so that's pretty durable I'd say.

Price: At RM11.90, it is a bit more than what I'd pay for pharmacy/drugstore lip balms, but this baby contains 10grams worth of product so I say it's definitely worth the money as it will probably last a long while.

Here's how the lip balm looks like on my lips:-

Would I purchase this?- At this point of time, I probably would not because I have one lip balm too many and also because I do not really like the grainy feelings and whitish film it leaves on my lips. For those of you who are not bothered by things like that though, I'd say this product is worth giving a try, especially because it smells heavenly, and it gives pretty good moisturisation to the lips too!

Oh, also thought I'd let you know that this ice cream lip pot comes in three fun flavours: Vanilla & Mixed Berries, Vanilla & Strawberry, and Vanilla & Chocolate.

Where can I purchase this?- You can find this in Watson's and Guardian (if I'm not mistaken Guardian has it) Pharmacies nationwide. Please do note that this is a LIMITED EDITION product so if you're interested go get it quick! =)

Have you tried SILKYGIRL lip products? Do you like em/dislike em? =D

DISCLOSURE: This review contains a product sent for consideration by PR.

xx Amanda


  1. I saw it too and hand started itchy and felt wanna buy it.....but.....haiz....I got too much lip balm in my drawer which most of them are still new and never used yet.../.\......after reading this review, i felt lucky not buying it b'cz for sure I'll eat it! It looks sooooooo tasty!!!!!!!O.O

    1. Haha! I know how you feel- I have way too many lipbalms in my collection to last me a lifetime! Yeah, maybe buy it after you've gone through some of your lipbalms? But yeah it does look cute and tasty. Hee! =D

  2. Ou peut-on en acheter ?

    1. Hi! I am sorry but I can't type in French. I had to Google Translate your question. =) This is only sold in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.


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