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Review: SILKYGIRL Precision Brow Liner in 01 Soft Black

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It's a chilly evening and after 4 hours of lectures, I cannot think of a better way to destress than to blog. =) I've had this product with me for a while now and have also been using it for quite some time, but while looking at the beauty products I brought over with me to the UK, I realised this is one among the many products I have with me that I have not written a review about. 

I never really bothered much about my brows until some time last year when I felt like I wanted it to look more defined and sharp besides the shape that I had already given it by plucking. I started off using a brow powder by Essence, but after receiving this from SILKYGIRL, this has been my go-to product for defining and drawing in my brows. I should probably let you know that I do not have thin eyebrows, but they are quite sparse and light coloured, so a little bit of colouring does it a world of wonders. However, I am not one who fancies very defined brows as I like it to look natural, so I only draw in my brows very lightly and using light strokes.

Product: SILKYGIRL Precision Brow Liner in 01 Soft Black
Price: RM12.90
Made in: China
Content: 0.28grams

Packaging: The Precision Brow Liner is a brow pencil which comes with a retractable tip and has a slim point for filling in and defining the brows. The pencil cap denotes the colour of the brow liner, which makes it convenient and easy to remember the colour of the product. It's plastic pen-like packaging is not flimsy and does not break easily. I have dropped this a couple of times (not intentionally) and the plastic has kept my brow liner from breaking, which is good! It is also very easy to retract the liner- I did not experience any difficulties twisting it up or down, and the twisting motions are smooth as well. The pen-like shape also makes it easy to bring this around; and although the packaging is nothing luxurious or fancy, I do not really mind- it is the quality of the product that counts!

Colour: The colour is very rightly named I think, as it truly is a soft black. It is not too dark like a black would be, instead, it is a black with hints of grey, thus the making the colour slightly softer and less harsh than black. However, if applied too much, this definitely can make me look funny like a clown!

Application/Texture/Consistency: This brow liner is really easy to use- just twist the top up slightly, and fill your brows in the shape you want using light, feathery strokes. It applies easily and glides with ease on the skin. The slight waxy texture of the liner helps shape the eyebrow hairs slightly, although the product would work best when using a spoolie to shape the brows after using this product. Also, it does not feel sticky or clumpy on the eyebrows. Instead, it feels smooth and light, that I feel like I am not wearing anything. The brow liner produces a matte texture which is very natural looking on the brows (provided you don't use too much, of course!). When I first saw the colour, I was a tad skeptical because I thought it would be too dark for me, but used lightly, this colour suits my eyebrows really well, and helps make my rather light eyebrows look more defined without looking unnatural. I do not think this product is waterproof, and neither is it completely smudge-proof. It does budge and fade slightly after a couple of hours, but that's probably because by that time, my face has gotten a little bit oily. It is easy to remove using makeup remover or warm water, although I found that removing it with cold water required abit of hard rubbing before it came off completely.

Durability: These lasted on my eyebrows for about 4 hours before completely fading. Not bad lasting power considering the price!

Also, before I forget, here's the list of ingredients:-

Price: At RM12.90, it is quite an affordable product which would not leave too big a hole in the pocket. If you're wondering whether the product is worth it because it is of such a small quantity, it really depends I guess. I only fill in my brows very lightly as I do not like them too defined and dark, so after 6 months, I am still left with half of this product. However, if you like to fill your brows a bit more darker than I do, it may probably last a shorter period of time. I still do think this is a product worth trying as it is still very affordable and does the job well.

Here's a swatch of the product:-

And here's a rare picture of my eye (and eyebrow) showing you the before and after when I used this product (I hope I captured it well on camera):-

Before using the Brow Liner

After using the Brow Liner

Would I purchase this?- Yeah, I can see myself buying this sometime in the future because it works quite well for me and is not costly.

Where can I purchase this?- You can find this in all major pharmacies and personal care stores like Watson's, Guardian, Caring and departmental stores like Jusco, Tesco, Parkson's and Carrefour nationwide in Malaysia.

This product is also available in another colour: 02 Brown.

Have you tried this? What do you think of it? Any eyebrow liners you would recommend? =)

DISCLOSURE: This review contains a product sent for consideration by PR. I assure you, however, that my opinion is 100% my own and is not biased toward or against the sponsor.

xx Amanda 


  1. nice, didn't know Silkygirl has this

    1. Hi Imah! Yeah they do. Go check it out if you're interested. =D


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