Tuesday, 29 January 2013

100K+ Views, 70 Followers and 20 Random Facts about Me

Hello darlings!


I was looking at my blog's dashboard the other day and saw that I have reached over 100,000 views and have 70 followers! *dances around room* Thank you so much for reading my blog- it means so much to me to know that there are people who are interested in reading what I have to say and maybe gain something from it (hopefully!).

To all my supporters, old and new, thank you so much for your interest and support for my blog. It really is great motivation and brings great joy to know that you all like what I write! =D So thank you so much!

Anyway, in conjunction with the 100K+ views and 70 followers thing, I thought I'd write something a little different today and tell you all a little bit about myself. So here's 20 random facts about me! =)

1. I like bright colours. For some reason, bright colours exude happiness and fun and make me feel that way too! Among all those colours, I am particularly drawn to the colours pink, yellow and turquoise.
2. Although I own a beauty blog and may seem rather girly, I am a sportsy girl and love playing sports- competitive ones especially. I used to compete in badminton, volleyball, and in marathons, but now I play basketball, badminton and volleyball leisurely.
3. I like almost anything with red bean (azuki beans) in it- red bean bun, red bean bao (a chinese bun with filling inside it), red bean mooncakes, red bean glutinous balls, red beans itself, red bean ice cream, red bean mochi... you get the idea. The only red bean thing that I dislike is red bean soup (Chinese normally boil the red beans, blend them and make them into a hot,starchy soup).
4. I like watching TV series- I watch so many! Some of my favourites include Ugly Betty, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Criminal Minds, Suits, Grimm and Glee. It's a great way to pass time especially when my brain's all worn out from reading my law textbooks. =D

5. I enjoy teaching- especially teaching young children. I used to volunteer in a church program to give tuition to underprivileged children in English and Math. The look of happiness on their faces when they understand a concept or when they are able to complete a question, and their eagerness to study brings satisfaction to me in a way that many things have not been able to. I just find it really fulfilling. =)
6. I am a nail polish addict. I love changing the colours on my nails and creating different looks and patterns on my nails. I own so many bottles of nail polish it's a bit crazy, really, but I don't think this addiction is going anywhere anytime soon!
7. My favourite Malaysian dish would hands down be nasi lemak. If you're wondering what that is, it's rice cooked with coconut milk, and served with fried anchovies, sliced cucumber, hard-boiled egg, fried groundnuts, a chilli paste (I'm not sure how to describe it) called sambal and sometimes, it's also served with meat. This is such a delicious dish! It's one of the main things I miss when I'm over here in the UK. Nasi lemak here can never beat the ones back home...
8. I like things to go according to plan and can get quite agitated when things do not go that way. However, I am learning to be more relaxed when it comes to this 'cause life doesn't always go the way I plan it to!
9. Many people say I am quite tall for a Chinese girl, so I guess I am. People used to call me 'giant' in primary school (so mean, haha!) because I used to tower over everyone and had to always sit at the back of class to avoid blocking someone's view. I am 5"6, approx. 170cm tall, but I've been at this since I was about 14 years old so I don't get comments like "giant" anymore since everyone started catching up in height. I still do get many "wow, you're tall" comments back home, though.
10. I like small animals. I won't say I'm a cat-person or a dog-person because I like both, as long they're friendly, and preferably not too big.

Here's a picture of my favourite doggie!


11. For someone really into makeup, I don't wear makeup very often. If I am heading to class, the grocery store or going for a walk, I don't see the need to wear makeup. Even when I do go out, only occasionally do I wear makeup. It really depends on my mood- if I feel like wearing it, I'll wear it; if not, plain, bare face it is.

12. I enjoy food very much. I especially like Japanese, Chinese and Italian food- so yummy!

13. I pierced my ears at the age of 10, and that was only after my mum told me she thought it time I got them pierced. I was so scared of the pain, and when I pierced them, my ears felt like they were on fire. So I went to KFC, ordered a large coca cola, gulped the whole thing down in 5 minutes and place the cup on my ears. That's how much of a scaredy-cat I was. Those are the only piercings I have till today.

14. I love to sing. Give me a microphone and a decent karaoke set, and you'll be trying to drag me away from it 6 hours after.

15.  A movie that I have never gotten bored of till today is Grease. I think I've watched it at least 5 times now and each time I watched it from the start to the end  (John Travolta was so handsome in his younger days)!

16. I have to have a glass of milk (or at least drink milk) once a day otherwise I feel weird, like my day is not complete.

17. I have a fear of heights, cockroaches and lighting a match.

18. When I was younger, I had a terrapin named Prince. He grew too big to keep so I had to set him free at the local lake.

19. I dislike eating cucumbers, bittergourd, vermicelli (bihun/mihun), koay teow and beetroot.

20. I have naturally wavy hair which tends to look messy, kinda like out-of-bed hair. Recently, though, I think it's gotten slightly more kempt and in place, which is a good thing so I don't look like I'm hassled half the time.

So that's my 20 random facts! I hope you found this entertaining, and that you've gotten to know me a little better. If you've read this far, thank you! And again, thank you for your support! Really appreciate it!

I would love to know a random fact about you! Please feel free to post in the comments section below! =D

xx Amanda


  1. I love Pretty Little Liars and Ugly Betty! I've actually just started watching Ugly Betty from season 1 on Netflix and it's SO addicting. Congrats on your blogging achievements!


    1. Hi Sherry! Glad to know there's another fan out there! =D I agree, Ugly Betty is GOOD - hope you'll enjoy it all the way to the end of season 4. And thank you! =)

  2. I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award :)
    All the details are on my blog :)

    1. I for got to mention my blog, i'm stupid!

    2. Oh wow. Thank you Ashleigh! Am so honoured. =D


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