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I cannot recall the last time I blogged but I do know that it has been a long while!

I previously reviewed Swedish brand Sudio's VASA earphones and I am back this time with one of the newest additions to their line-up - the Sudio Nivå wireless earphones*.

Sudio Nivå is Sudio's first true wireless earphones and features BlueTooth 4.2 technology. It claims to have 3.5 hours of battery life in a single charge and comes equipped with a portable charging case in an understated yet elegant design. Want to know more about my experience with this baby? Read on to find out!

Sudio Sweden's products come beautifully packaged in clean and minimalist packaging. The box that packages the earphones is compact and sturdy. When you open the box, you will find the round charging case nestled snugly in black foam. I actually really like the charging case because it keeps the earphones safe and is super lightweight that I can easily pop it into my handbag when I am out and about. According to Sudio, the charging case holds 500 mAh of juice and fully charges the earphones for an additional four times, bringing the total play time to a whopping 17.5 hours before you need to plug the Nivå charging case into a power socket.

The Nivå earbuds also come with the owner’s manual, mini USB power plug, a certificate of guarantee and rubber earbuds in two different sizes to cater for different sizes of ears. The default size on the earbuds is the medium sized rubber earbuds.

Let's talk about the design of the earbuds, shall we? The design appears basic, sophisticated and streamlined. Simple and functional - my kind of earphones. The white colour is complemented by rose gold metal detailing which I absolutely adore. It is shaped like a "pod" and is angled to fit the ears. There is also a button and an indicator LED on each of the earbuds. Not to mention, you will also find pogo pins for charging beside the left and right side indicators. 

In terms of fit, I found that the earbuds could not securely fit into my ears even though I changed the rubber earbuds to test the fit and would slip and fall out if I did physical activity such as running. Walking is okay. I found the medium sized rubber earbuds to be the most comfortable and it would stay somewhat securely if I pressed the earbuds quite firmly into my ears. It is probably the size of my ears as I also have difficulty with other earphones from different brands. I had the boyfriend try this as well and he had no issues with the fit of the earphones. 

The Sudio Nivå earphones are quite easy to pair with other Bluetooth devices and do not require any additional apps to access its features.
All you have to do is to press the button located on the outside face of each earphone (there is only one button) for a couple of seconds and the LED light on each earphone will turn blue and you will hear a female voice (that sounds very much like SIRI) inform you that the earphone is turned on. The first time you set up the Nivå with your Bluetooth device, it will appear as two devices. However, once you get either one of them connected, they both automatically sync with each other and a voice prompt will confirm that. The buttons can be a little difficult to press, however, so you may have to apply a bit of pressure to press them. Also, note that I had to sync the earphones with my Bluetooth device each time I wanted to use the earphones. It would have been nice if the earphones could be automatically connected to the other Bluetooth device once it is turned on.
Music can be played and paused with a single push of the button and you can skip music tracks when you double press the button. To power off the earphones inside your ear, simply press and hold the button. Otherwise, they will power off if you put the earphones back into their charging case. 

If you prefer to wear the earphones only on one side, I would suggest wearing the right earphone as that is the one with the microphone (the left earphone does not have a microphone). Press the button once when you receive a call to answer the call. Holding the button will transfer the call back to your smartphone.


Okay, so you're probably wondering - did it live up to its claims of battery life? For me, it lasted a good 3 hours before requiring a charge so I think it pretty much lived up to its claims. Charge time for the Nivå in its charging case is slightly over an hour. Once the charging case battery is fully depleted, you can easily charge it is with USB cable (type B) provided. It took me about 90 minutes to fully charge the charging case.


In terms of sound quality, I found the earphones to be skewed towards the bass. I love stronger bass sounds so this was right up my alley. However, I felt the clarity and sharpness of the high and mid tones was slightly lacking but nothing too bad to dampen my experience. What is great about it is that it does a good job in noise cancelling. So good that my boss had to tap me on the shoulder to get my attention because I could not hear him although the volume on my earphones was not set at a high volume! Overall, sound-wise, I had an enjoyable experience using these earphones!
The blue lights (shown in picture) indicate the battery life of the charging case

Considering this is Sudio's first wireless earbuds, I think they did a rather good job! It's a pair of wireless earphones at a lower price point compared to Apple’s Airpods or Samsung’s Gear IconX but with similar features and is suitable for those wanting a pleasant music experience without having to spend too much money.

Sudio Nivå retails at RM425 and can be purchased on What's even better is that Sudio is offering a 15% discount to BeauteeBeauty readers! If you wish purchase a pair for yourself, head on over to their website and enter the code "BeauteeBeauty2018" at the checkout page to enjoy the discount. The discount can be used on other products too!

Your purchase of the Sudio Nivå will also come with FREE Shipping as well as a one year guarantee. Sudio is also currently having an exclusive promotion where they are giving a FREE pack of four Swedish design coasters for any purchase on their store!
For more information on Sudio Sweden, you can check the following:

Sudio's website:
Twitter: @Sudio_Sweden
Instagram: @sudio 

Have you tried Sudio's earphones before? :)

Note: I am not affiliated with this brand. The discount code is provided purely for my readers' benefit =)

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