Sunday, 19 April 2015

For the Love of Rose!

Hello dears!
I never used to be a fan of rose-scented products. In fact, I'd cringe whenever I smelled because I always associated it with something which smelled 'old' or 'granny'. Serves me right for thinking that - I'm now addicted to rose scented and rose coloured products! Here's me sharing a few rose scented/coloured products I'm loving!

1. Etude House Petit Darling Nails in BR301
I got this polish a few years back and it's probably a bit gloopy now but I have no heart to bin it because I absolutely love this colour. This shade is a beautiful rose red/pink colour in a creme finish and it makes me feel rather elegant and sophisticated when I have it on my nails. I remember the polish being slightly thick in texture but it was not very difficult to apply. I'll definitely have to apply this again soon (nail polish thinner should do the trick to make it less gloopy) as the colour is swoon-worthy!

This lipstick comes in very simple, basic packaging but don't be fooled - this lipstick packs a punch in terms of pigmentation! Cranberry is a pretty rose pink/berry shade which would be flattering on pretty much any skin tone. The lipstick itself does not dry out my lips or emphasise the fine lines in my lips. Okay, so it does not smell like roses, but the colour also brightens up my complexion - what more can I ask for?

3. Balm Balm Organic Rose Floral Water
I first tried the Boots Botanics 100% Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz and absolutely loved that (it smelled amazing!)! A few months back I was really into organic floral waters so I thought I'd pick this up to try out. This floral water is extremely gentle on the skin and would highly likely be suitable for sensitive skin. It has a lovely rose scent, although it is not as strong as the Boots' Rosewater product. I would have preferred if the scent was slightly stronger, but it's not the end of the world if it is not, so that's fine. I spritz about 5-6 spritz' of this baby on my face after cleansing and it leaves a subtle rose scent on my face while providing light hydration. Perfect for a pick-me-up.
4. Watsons Rose Scented Shower Gel
Smelling like roses after a shower - how awesome is that?! I went a-searching for rose scented bath products and saw this so I had to pick it up. The rose scent is subtle and only lasts a short while on the skin once I'm out from the shower, but it provides for a lovely bathing/shower experience if rose scented goodies are your thing. The shower gel is probably not as luxurious feeling as a cream shower product would be but I like this as it does not leave my skin feeling dry and leaves me feeling quite refreshed after using it. Plus, it's quite affordable, so all the better!
So that's it for my post on rose scented/coloured products. I assure you there will be more posts like this to come! Do let me know if you have any favourite rose scented/coloured products! Or do you dislike rose scented goodies? What's your favourite scent? =D
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