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Hair Colour and Personality | What is Yours?

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It's been aeons since I last wrote! Things have been so so hectic but I'll try my best to upload a post whenever I can.

I recently found out about Madison Reeda hair care company that specialises in hair dye. They created dye that is free of PPD, sulfates, resorcinol, ammonia and gluten. Nowadays, we can so easily change our hair colour - and that got me thinking whether there is a correlation between a person's hair colour and their personaility. Does the colour of your hair really affect your personality? Read on to find out!
I've been doing a bit of reading on hair colour and personality and it seems like there are many stereotypes associated with our hair colour. Personally I do not feel this happens much in East side of the world (or at least, in Malaysia) because the majority of people I know and have met either have black or dark brown hair as their natural colour.

However, in the West, it seems there are stereotypes such as "blondes have more fun", "brunettes are sexy" and "redheads are fiery". How true do you think these stereotypes are?

So I've done a little browsing on the net and here's what I've gathered about the views of different hair colours:- 

Red Hair Colour
Redheads tend to be categorised as feisty, ferocious and opinionated. Women with red  or auburn hair tend to be perceived as seductive and alluring. Other personality traits I have come across online describing redheads are mysterious, romantic and passionate. Individuals with red hair normally have pale skin with freckles. For some odd reason, this hair colour is a colour disliked by many and has a negative influence on people. Personally, I love red hair! There are so many individuals out there with auburn hair and they look absolutely amazing! If only this hair colour would suit me... 

This is quite a common hair colour and it is my hair colour. Brunettes are stereotyped as being hardworking, dependable, reliable, intelligent, approachable and attractive. I am a brunette and as much as I love how all these traits sound, I don't think all brunettes fit into this stereotype. I know many brunettes who enjoy having fun, are probably not too dependable and a bit difficult to approach. I myself can get a wee bit lazy at times (I'm sure we all do, right? Hee!) and can be quite shy at times which makes people think I'm being stand-offish (I promise I'm not!). I also came across a stereotype saying that brunettes are seemingly better in relationships than individuals with other hair colours. I thought that was really funny - I know so many blondes and black haired lovelies who are in lasting relationships, so that really is something which made me laugh when I read it.

Blonde - this is such a lovely colour! Blondes are perceived to be naive, youthful, flirty, obedient and feminine. However, at the same time, blondes seem to have a negative stereotype held against them. I've come across stereotypes such as 'dizzy blonde', and also the perception that blondes are more high-maintenance and vain. Don't think that's true though - anyone with any hair colour can be vain!

Black Hair
Predominantly seen in Asia and Africa, individuals with this hair colour are perceived to be low-key, introspective, melancholic and measured. People with black hair are often considered as more serious and deep. However, they have also been thought to be self-centred and the type to doubt themselves. Black haired people tend to be interested in religion, spirituality and poetry.

What is your hair colour? Do you think you fall within the stereotype? As a brunette, I would like to agree with some of the brunette stereotypes but at the same time, there are definitely personality traits of mine which cannot be defined by my hair colour - and that's just the way I like it! =D

P.S None of the images are mine, I found them on Google Images.
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  1. Hello Amanda! Saw your post regarding the nail polish and followed you! Looking forward to your next updates <3

    I'm brunette but, in this case I'd love to make my hair go ombre. Haha! Lots of love from Malaysia x

    1. Hi Tiara, Thanks for the follow - appreciate it! Hope you enjoy what you read here!

      Ombre is so lovely - I've also thought of trying that. One day one day...! =D


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