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Review: L'occitane Fleurs de Cerisier (Cherry blossom) Perfume

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I remember catching a whiff of the Fleurs de Cerisier Cherryblossom Eau De Toilette (EDT) while browsing the aisles of a L'occitane store. My heart stopped still and I turned to look around the shop for the bottle. It was love at first scent.

L'occitane Fleurs De Cerisier Cherryblossom Perfume
L'occitane Fleurs De Cerisier Cherryblossom Perfume
L'occitane Fleurs De Cerisier Cherryblossom Perfume

Here's what L'occitane has to say about this perfume on their website: "This floral fruity Eau de Toilette will transport you to the cherry tree-dotted hillsides of southern France with its delicate and fresh scent. A feminine fragrance, it is made with a cherry extract from the Luberon region of Provence. Indulge your senses with notes of freesia, cherry and lily of the valley, underlined by a base of amber and musk that linger."

Perfumery Notes

Top Notes: Cherry, Freesia and Blackcurrant
Heart Notes: Cherry Blossom and Lily of the Valley
Base Notes: Rosewood, Amber and Musk

Made in: France

The packaging of this EDT is simple, sweet and elegant. The EDT comes in a slim glass bottle with a cherry blossom design and the perfume liquid itself is a light sweet pink colour. The glass bottle comes with a spritz which nicely spritzes out a fine mist of perfume. The bottle cap is made of quite sturdy material and fits well on the spritz.

L'occitane Fleurs De Cerisier Cherryblossom Perfume

The scent of Fleurs de Cerisier is heavenly for those who enjoy sweet floral scents. It is a very light, floral fruity scent which is quite delicate and airy and reminds me of a flower garden blooming in spring. I definitely detect the cherry in this EDT, which adds to the fruitiness of this perfume - love it! There is a hint of something 'green' in this perfume but I am not quite sure what it is. Whatever it is, I can only assume it is contributing to how refreshing this perfumes smells! The scent is not overpoweringly sweet or floral, and definitely not headache-inducing. It does not have a strong musk base too, which is good for me as I am quite adverse to musky scents. I generally spray about 5 spritzes of this baby on the backs of my elbows and neck and it makes me feel oh-so-feminine and elegant. The perfume lasts for about 3-4 hours before fading off completely.

L'occitane Fleurs De Cerisier Cherryblossom Perfume Ingredients

This EDT comes in 50ml and 75ml if I am not mistaken. However, I purchased mine in 100ml at Bicester Village in the UK (and it was much cheaper too than if I were to purchase the 50ml or 75ml in a normal store!). I haven't come across many places which sells the 100ml. In the UK, I remember Debenham's and Selfridges selling the 100ml bottle but am not sure if they still do now. In Malaysia, we only have the 75ml bottle, if I remember correctly.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves floral fruity scents as this scent is just oh-so-delicate and feminine without being overly sweet and sugary. Would I repurchase this in the future? Oh, without a shadow of a doubt!

What scents do you like that make you feel feminine and delicate? I'd love to hear! =D

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