Saturday, 24 September 2011

My First NOTD Post!

Hiya all,

I'm still super new to the blogging scene so bear with me. Just wanted to post up a Nail-Of-The-Day (NOTD) look that I did for fun a few days back.

Wanted it to be attention-grabbing yet not too in-your-face (you get what I mean?) so I came up with this:-

Painted it real messy but I normally don't immediately remove the excess polish on the side of my fingers. I let them dry and fall off by themselves (lazy method. haha!).

That's a picture of my left hand...

And that's a picture of my right hand.

These are the products I used:

Bright and colourful!

From left to right:
-Elianto Nail Polish in Orange Red
-Elianto Nail Polish in Lime Green
-Elianto Nail Polish in Yellow
-Barry M Instant Nail Effects in Black

The steps to create this look are very simple:
I applied two thin layers of nail polish, and added a different colour on my fourth finger as an accent (you can choose any fingernail you want to paint as an accent), and once dried, painted the top half of it with the black nail polish (Barry M).

Barry M Instant Nail Effects is actually a product similar to the famous OPI Shatter, except that it costs much cheaper. I will give a review on this product later on when I have time! =D It's not available here in Malaysia, though. I bought mine on a trip to the UK.

Elianto however is very affordable at only RM5 a bottle and available all over Malaysia, if I'm not mistaken.

So yep, hope you liked this NOTD!

Have you tried OPI's Shatter? What do you think of it?

xx Amanda


  1. I have Silver Shatter. It works like... it does not work. Does your brush start to get clumpy over time though, mine does!

  2. It does not work? Yea the brush for my black one is clunky, hence the messy painting. I think it would be something wrong with the texture of the polish itself, cause I have three bottles but only one works weird.. @@


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