Saturday, 15 October 2011

Review: Pure Smile Pomengranate Essence Mask

Product: Pure Smile Pomengranate Essence Mask
Price: RM5.90
Made in: Korea
Content: 23ml (ONE sheet)

I was out with a good friend of mine one day in The Curve and popped into Watsons there. I saw this range of face masks, although I have never heard of this brand before (Haha!), and since it was on sale (I bought mine at RM3.50!), I decided to grab one, and I chose this.

List of ingredients and what this product claims:

Packaging: Looks like a typical Japanese/Korean/Taiwan type of mask packaging. I wouldn't say it's very eye-catching, but the promises to like 'add glow to your skin' did get me excited. Hee!

Application: This face mask contains one sheet mask which can only be worn once. It was soaking wet with essence when I put it on my face, so I felt slightly uncomfortable at first, could feel something like water dripping down. Haha! The mask was a bit too big for my face as well so I had to bunch it up in some parts. I wore it for 20 minutes and after a while it slowly dried up, and was easy to peel off.

Anyway I'm so embarassed to show the next pic but thought I should to give you an idea of how the mask looks like (it has little flaps that can open and close at the eye area! Haha!). Ignore the messy curls!

Gah, I look like a mummy or something. Haha!

I massaged in the remaining essence into my face and went to bed like that. The next morning my skin felt soft, smooth and plump- I like! Although when I cleansed my face the next morning, I felt a thin flim of the essence slide off my face, so I guess it did not completely soak in. It did not cause me to break out too, so a plus point to that.

I also feel the after-effects of the mask are temporary, probably for a day.

Oh, it smelled great too! Very sweet and not over-powering.

Would I repurchase? - At only RM5.90 a sheet, I think it's pretty reasonable, and the effects are not bad, so YES!

Where can I find this?- I've searched in a couple of Watsons but so far the only Watsons I've seen this is in is the one at The Curve, so that's all I can say about this for now! =)

Hope you have a great weekend!

What other cheap face masks have you tried?

xx Amanda

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