Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A Peek into My Life: Heading to the UK & Random Stuff!

Hello dearies!
So I don't know if you've read my Lily Kimmi Fragrance post where I mentioned I'll be experiencing a huge change in life, but if you haven't, then I'm here to tell you now (although it's quite obvious from the title)! Yep, I'm heading to the UK! If you're wondering why, it's because I'll be going over to complete my law degree and hopefully to do the BVC course as well after that. I'll be there for a few years, so yea, the lack of posts these past few months have also been because I have been busy applying for my visa, packing my things, hanging out with loved ones and friends, handling university stuff etc.
I'm really excited yet nervous at the same time, but what I am really excited to do is to check out Boots and Superdrug for more goodies, so you can look forward to reviews of different products on here soon! =D
Anyway, just thought I'd share a little bit of happenings in my past week just for fun. Hee!
1. I baked brownies the day after the boyfriend left because I just felt like eating it. It came out super yummy!! =D
2. Bought mooncake because it is mooncake season! The actual day of the festival is 30th September but I'm happily eating them anyway. They are very pricey though, but once a year and limited boxes is okay IMO.
3. One of the mooncakes I got from Casahana called Oriental Passion. It has dried cranberries in the skin, and the filling comprises of lotus paste, some red filling that tastes like Ribena and the white filling in the very middle is white chocolate which melts when this is microwaved. Yummy!
4. Almost done with my packing before I leave for the UK. May have to repack though because I think my bag's overweight!
5. A cookbook I was given as a gift which caters specifically for students living away from home- hopefully it will help me cook more than the standard instant noodles and omelette.
6. My long, long hair chopped off to a short hairdo. Just got it cut today! =D
Have you had anything interesting or significant happen to you this past week? =)
xx Amanda


  1. Hi Amanda I hope you'll have a great time at the UK! :)

  2. you are going to UK? How cool is that! have a safe trip ok! <3

  3. Nice luggage lol. And I MISS MOONCAKE :( and yeah I guess I prefer your new hairstyle? lol. I need to see it for myself la lol

  4. have an amazing time over here! The Brownies look delish!- i really need to bake more haha xx

    1. Hi Lucy! Yep I will! And thanks- I do think they're quite delicious. Hehe! Yea do bake more if you can, it's quite fun! =D

  5. Hey Amanda! Have fun shopping in the UK. Visiting designer outlets as well as the local pharmacies are one of the main things I miss about England! ;) whereabouts in the UK will you be at? Xxx

    1. Hey Sukie! Yep I definitely will! There is so much choice here! Are you back in Malaysia? Things there are pretty good too.. Hee! Am in Reading. =)


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