Monday, 2 September 2013

Review: Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo & Conditioner

Hiya darlings!
Sorry for the severe lack of posts! Been super busy lately what with hanging out with friends back home, spending time with family and also just chilling and doing nothing. I also had a fall in the UK and injured my back, so have been going for physiotherapy to strengthen my back- that has kept me quite busy too!
Anyhow, I am back with another review! Herbal Essences is a brand I am guessing many of you are familiar with so I probably will not go too much into detail about it besides saying that it is a brand which produces haircare products with fabulous floral scents! I really like the conditioner from the Hello Hydration and Long Hair range- they work well and smell amazing (am wondering how come I've not done reviews on them. Oh well, hee!). When I saw this new range in Superdrug (in the UK) some time back, I thought 'cool, I'll give this a go and see if it does well for my hair'.

Product: Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo & Conditioner
Price: £3.79 (approx. RM18.95)
Made in: United Kingdom
Content: 400ml
Before I go on further, here's the list on ingredients:-
What it claims: Combing damage got you down? Bulk up strength with this nourishing shampoo. This formula containing honey and apricot extracts works to repair the protective outer layer of each strand of hair to leave it strong against combing damage. ~for damaged hair
Packaging: The conditioner and shampoo both come in squeezy bottles with a 'push-to-open' cap which easily dispenses product. The bottles has curvy S-shaped designs and placed next to each other, they 'fit' each other- which I thought was quite a cute way to have them go hand-in-hand. Their sturdy plastic packaging makes it tough and immune to cracks whenever I drop them (which happens quite often, although never on purpose of course) yet soft enough that squeezing product out is never difficult. I guess the only downside to the packaging IMO is when the shampoo or conditioner hardens at the squeezy opening after a while, leaving hard, clotted product and making it difficult to press the product out. I normally get rid of this just by squeezing the bottle extra hard to that the hardened product is forced out, hee! Other than that, I have nothing to complain about regarding the packaging.
Application/Texture/Consistency: Both products are of a golden yellow colour similar to the colour of their bottle packaging. The Bee Strong shampoo has a thick texture which easily foams up when massaged into the hair. Only a small amount of shampoo is needed to give the hair a good cleansing. It also rinses out easily with water. However, I found that it left my hair feeling rather clumpy, matted and coarse, and left my hair with a few tangles after each wash- which I found slightly disappointing as I was hoping that as a shampoo geared for damaged hair, it would do just that- repair damaged, undernourished hair.
The conditioner has a light, silky feel to it, and is neither too thin of texture that it is runny nor too thick that it makes it hard to apply to the hair. Applying this to the ends of my hair is easy and after leaving it on for a few minutes, it rinses of easily with water, leaving my hair feeling soft and smooth and with not many tangles. I did not find that it left my hair looking any shinier or silkier, but as long as my hair feels soft and smooth, I am happy. 
Scent: When I initially whiffed this, I was expecting to smell something similar to honey since the name of the range is Bee Strong. Boy, was I wrong! Both the products have a rather strong floral scent, and I do not think I detect anything smelling like honey. The scent strongly reminds me of the scent of the Hello Hydration range (although a tad less coconut-y) but I think this range has a more floral scent compared to that. Don't ask me what flower it smells like- I honestly can't tell! It does have a very sweet, floral scent which is not overpowering though, so if you are into floral scents, you may just like the smell of this one! I certainly do!
Where can I purchase these?- I have not seen this in Malaysia unfortunately but in the UK, you can find these at Boots, Superdrug, and most of the supermarkets like Asda and Tesco.
Would I repurchase these?- Both products were not as good as I had hoped they would be. I will not be repurchasing the shampoo as it left my hair feeling worse than before I had it washed; coarse clumpy hair is not my thing. I may repurchase the conditioner as it did do quite a good job on my hair- my hair felt soft, smooth and was rid of tangles. However, I still prefer the conditioners from the Hello Hydration and Long Hair ranges so it is only if I am unable to purchase those two will I likely purchase this conditioner.
Have you tried the Bee Strong range? Do you like it? Which is your favourite Herbal Essence product? =D
xx Amanda


  1. I never try the product.. I think the product is nice , but is't good for oliy hair?

    Nice review Thanks ;)

    can we follow each orther?

    1. Thank you! I think it is good for oily hair as it does remove grease and oil from the hair, but to the point that my hair feels coarse and dry. I do not really like it because of that. =S

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Interesting review.



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