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Review: LiPSMACKER Classic Balm in Cotton Candy

Hello dearies!

Am taking a short break from hitting the books to write another review! I received this product from YUBERACTIVE (thank you!) and am gonna give my two cents on it. Being a lipbalm addict, I was just super pleased to add this to my ever-growing lipbalm collection. Hehe!

Product: LiPSMACKER Classic Balm in Cotton Candy
Price: RM12.90
Made in: USA
Content: 4 grams

Packaging: The lipbalm comes in a slim, bright baby pink plastic tube which is very cute and eye-catching! The font in bright blue on the tube nicely contrasts with the pink and makes the words stand out. The pink packaging definitely reminds me of cotton candy. The packaging is also has quite a solid feel to it- does not feel flimsy and cheap. Hee! Overall, the packaging oozes fun and is a bright addition to any makeup bag!

Application/Texture/Consistency: This lipbalm is flat-shaped and is easy to apply on the lips 'cause it glides on smoothly and easily. It is an opaque pastel pink but applies clear. I found the texture a wee bit waxy, and not really to my liking. It did not feel very moisturising nor drying, and did not do much for my lips compared to other lipbalms that I have tried. I just felt like my lips were coated with a layer of... wax. However, it applies like a sheer gloss so it can be used to give lips a light glossy effect without any colour, and is good for those who don't fancy lipgloss or lipstick but would still like that glossy/luscious lips look or those in a hurry. =)

A view from the top of the lipbalm! =D

Durability: This lipbalm lasts for approx. 45 minutes to an hour on my lips, but this doesn't bug me much 'cause I tend to reapply lipbalm every now and then anyway. =)

Scent/Taste: This lipbalm REALLY does smell and taste like cotton candy! It's extremely sweet! Those who do not fancy their lip products having scents or tastes my not appreciate this 'cause the smell lingers for quite a bit. But otherwise, you'll probably love this lil' goodie! =D

Here's the list of the ingredients (although it's blocked halfway by the expiration date sticker which I tried to take off but only managed to tear the paper packaging so I gave up):-

Price: At RM12.90 for this lipbalm, I think it's pretty reasonable, although it costs slightly more than the lipbalms I prefer to use (Nivea, Mentholatum Lip Ice).

Here's how it looks like on my lips:-

You can see it's clear and leaves a glossy sheen to my lips, yea? So you can use this as a lipgloss/lipbalm- two-in-one! Haha!
Would I purchase this?- Unfortunately, I would not because I feel it's slightly too waxy for my taste and not as moisturising as I'd like a lipbalm to be. I personally prefer more moisturising lipbalms with a thicker texture. However, if you like your lips to be lightly moisturised and don't mind a waxy feel, have a glossy sheen besides smelling and tasting very yummy, then this may be for you! =D

Where can I purchase this?- So far I have only seen this in Watson's Pharmacy, and Sasa if I'm not mistaken. =)

Have you tried this lipbalm or any other LiPSMACKER's? What do you think?

NOTE: This product was given to me for consideration and I did not purchase it. However, I can assure you that my opinion is my honest opinion and not biased in any way towards or against the sponsor. =)

xx Amanda

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