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Review: SaraShantelle Ultimate IONized Facial Mist & Ultimate Makeup Removal

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Clear, glowy skin is something I am yet to achieve. Due to the nature of my course, late nights up studying are the norm for me; and whenever I come home after a long, tiring day at university, removing the makeup on my face and taking care of my face is the last thing on my mind. Sleep is really all I want. However, my desire for glowy healthy skin has never once left my mind, and when I received these SaraShantelle products*, I was keen to see if they would help me reach my goal.


What is SaraShantelle?

SaraShantelle is a Singaporean range of premium skincare, bodycare and haircare products sold in South East Asia. SaraShantelle was founded and is owned by Miss SaraShantelle Lim, a former air stewardess who is unveiling her beauty secrets by bringing in products tried-and-tested by aesthetics doctors from all over the world to spa owners, retailers and consumers in Southeast Asia, USA, France, Dubai and Europe.

I received two products from the ‘Ultimate’ range to try out, namely the Ultimate IONized Facial Mist* and Ultimate Makeup Removal*.

To make it easier to read this review (hopefully!), I thought I would talk about each product separately and then only mention both products together where relevant. Let’s jump right into it and start with the Ultimate IONized Facial Mist*!


Product: SaraShantelle Ultimate IONized Facial Mist
Price: SGD$39 (approx. RM99/£19)
Made in: USA
Content: 100ml

What it Claims: The Ultimate IONized Facial Mist is made of organic nutrients from America’s Rocky Mountains Sierra in Utah, Salt Lake City. The mountain minerals effectively relieve dry, irritated skin to achieve pH-balanced skin in a natural way. Each spray instantly penetrates, cools, hydrates, tones, nourishes and leaves the skin feeling smooth, supple and with a glowing effect. For best results, use at least 3 times a day.


Here’s the list of ingredients and directions on how to use it:-


Packaging: This facial mist comes in a sturdy, clear plastic 100ml spray bottle. The label of the product is stuck on the front and back of the bottle- it is simple packaging with the words ‘SaraShantelle’ detailed on the front label, and a picture of a water effect on the packaging which gives me a cool feel whenever I look at it. The packaging is not classy or luxurious-looking, but I am not one who is fussed over packaging so I do not mind. The fact that it is a plastic bottle and 100ml makes it very convenient to tote around in my handbag be it for travel or when I am going about my daily schedule. It is also travel-friendly when bringing it in hand luggage on airplanes as it complies with the 100ml requirement, so that’s a bonus if you like bringing facial mists along on your travels. The spray pump sprays out a rather light, fine mist of the facial mist, but I did find that I needed to pump it quite a few times in order to get the amount of mist that I wanted on my face as each pump does not spray out very much.

Application/Texture/Consistency: Using this product is a breeze- all I have to do is pump the spray pump to dispense product on my face. Each pump dispenses a light, fine mist, and I normally spray about 8-10 pumps for my face each time just because I just like it to be a bit wet whenever I use facial mists. It is also because each pump only dispenses rather little product, so I have to spray more times to get the amount of product I want on my face. I do find this slightly annoying at times but it is not much of a big deal as I only need to pump more times. However, I do find that because of this, I use up the product quite quickly. The mist has a water-like texture and sinks in easily into my skin, leaving it feeling soft and refreshed. I like using this whenever my skin feels a bit sticky, or when my skin is feeling dry as it just perks my skin right up.

I do not actually spray the mist on my face at least 3 times a day like recommended, I only used whenever I felt like my skin needed a perk-me-up. I do however use this to set my makeup and I find that it does help my makeup look less powdery and helps give it more of a natural-looking finish. This product did not cause me any irritation or breakouts. One thing that rather worried me was the orange-gold little things that were floating in the facial mist as I thought I had received a dud product. My worries were put to rest when I found out that those little flakes are actually the organic mountain minerals from the Rocky Mountains in Utah. It is rather nice to actually be able to see the nutrients that are being absorbed into my skin!

Scent: I do not detect any scent, which may be disappointing for those who like their products scented, but I prefer mine unscented as it suits my sensitive skin.

Here’s how the mist looks like when sprayed onto the skin:-

Now, let’s move on to the next product!

Product: SaraShantelle Ultimate Makeup Removal
Price: SGD$39 (approx. RM99/£19)
Made in: USA
Content: 100ml

What it Claims: This specially formulated solution literally floats waterproof make up, impurities and dead skin cells onto the surface of the skin. It exfoliates and removes marker or pen ink and hidden dirt from the pores. It brightens and makes the skin glow while washing away pollutants from the skin. It contains natural moisturisers, essential amino acids and vitamins enabling skin cells to repair more readily and quicker. It restores the skin’s texture to a beautifully luminous, velvet and smooth state. It also deep cleanses the skin leaving it fresh, brighter, and clean without feeling greasy. Suitable for all skin types; mild yet an effective one step complete wash which can be used on a daily basis.

Here are the directions as well as the list of ingredients:-


Packaging: This makeup remover comes in a sturdy plastic pump bottle. The packaging is similar to the IONized Facial Mist, except that there is a floral motif design on the bottle here instead of a water effect like on the IONized Facial Mist bottle. The 100ml bottle makes it easy to bring on my travels as I do not need to worry about liquid restrictions for hand luggage, and it is also lightweight and convenient to tote around every day (not that I bring makeup remover with me in my handbag every day, but you get my idea, hee!) Overall, the packaging is simple and fuss-free, which works fine for me.

Application/Texture/Consistency: I like the pump on this bottle- it pumps out a decent amount of product with each pump and I find that I need about 4-5 pumps to remove a full face of makeup. The texture of this product is quite interesting. It comes out like a watery gel, but after rubbing it into the skin, it turns into a semi-liquid (exactly like it says in the Directions) and eventually it turns into some sort of jelly flake. Very hard to explain so I thought I would show you a demonstration of how I use it to remove makeup and the how the product removes makeup.


From left to right, the products on my hand are dark brown eye shadow with a primer base underneath it, non-waterproof liquid eyeliner, foundation, waterproof mascara and concealer.

Here’s a pic of the products I used on my hand, in case you’re interested:-

Left to right: Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer, Australis Nudist Eye Shadow Palette, Silkygirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner, Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Shade 52, Maybelline the Magnum Volum Express WaterprooF Mascara and Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer.

Anyway, I pumped two pumps of makeup remover onto my hand:-

I then massaged the makeup remover in circular motions to remove the makeup.


Continue massaging in circular motions- can you tell that the product has a jelly-like gel texture to it? The makeup has somewhat floated to the surface of the solution.


Eventually, after continually massaging the product to remove the makeup, the solution becomes more jelly-like and opaque and becomes a jelly-like ball (sometimes it ends up in flakes).


Okay, so this next picture is probably the weirdest picture I have posted on my blog but for the purposes of showing you exactly what this product does and how it works, I will post it!

Look at how jelly-like it is! I may actually have used a little too much product to remove the makeup for my demonstration here but that above is basically what it does after I continuously massage the makeup remover on my skin. I then rinse it off with water.

Pat it dry and say hello to clear, makeup-free skin!


I hope my rather messy explanation was helpful; and if not, hopefully my pictures helped explain to you how this works! The process of removing the makeup on my face with this product takes less than 5 minutes including rinsing my face with water and patting it dry. I really like the concept of this product as it makes removing makeup very easy, plus I quite enjoy massaging the solution to create little jelly balls- hehe! After rinsing the product off, my skin is left makeup-free, and it feels smooth, very soft and clean. This product did not dry out skin, cause any irritations or breakouts, and when I used this to remove eye makeup, it did not cause my eyes to sting- which is good!

Scent: Again, I do not detect any scent to this, which is a good thing to me as I prefer unscented products.

Would I purchase these?- I find the prices quite steep, and as a student on a budget, price is always one of my main considerations when purchasing a product. However, I think these products are worth the price as they both really well and serve their purposes well. I would most likely purchase the Makeup Removal* as I like how easily it removes makeup, does not leave my skin feeling tight or dry (my skin is left feeling really soft!) and also because I enjoy the process of removing my makeup when I use this product- the jelly texture and jelly balls appeals to me somehow and makes it less of a chore to remove makeup. I do not think I will purchase the Facial Mist*, but the main reason is only because I do not use facial mists often, so purchasing it would not be practical as I would hardly use it. However, if you do use facial mists rather often and want one that does not irritate your skin, I do recommend this as it contains natural ingredients only which are beneficial for the skin, and when used, leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Where can I purchase these?- If you live in Singapore, these products are available at Clariancy, Sasa, Zalora Singapore, Szhop and on their website. If you do not live in Singapore, you can purchase these products on their website via Paypal.

There is free international shipping for purchases over SGD$200, but they are currently having free international shipping for a limited period so if you are interested this would be a good opportunity to save on shipping costs!

If you spend SGD$80, 3 Oxy Whitening Masks will be included free in your purchase.

If you spend SGD$120, you get 3 Oxy Whitening Masks and 1 Ultimate IONized Facial Mist for free!

There is also a 20% discount for all airline crew, pilots, air stewards/stewardess’ and airline ground staff!

For more information, check out SaraShantelle’s:

Facebook: SaraShantelle

This has been one long post but I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed typing it!

Have you tried SaraShantelle products? Do you like them? =D

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