Monday, 7 May 2012

Haul: Etude House Not-so-Mini Haul!

Hello again!

So this is my last post for today and I just wanted to share with you my haul from Etude House just last week!

So last week, the newly-renovated Etude House in Sunway Pyramid opened on the 1st May 2012, and I got excited so I went with a friend to go check it out. Plus, Etude House nationwide is now having a sale, if I'm not mistaken.

Just a warning, this post is very PICTURE-heavy! But for those of you who like pictures, yay for you! Haha! =D

Look at the queue and how crowded it was!!! It was jam-packed with people that day.

So that's Etude House's latest product - the Skin Malgeum series which are face toners with different purposes. They're slightly pricey I think - RM79.90 for 250ml, but I may go get one one day. Hehe!

A whole load of lipglosses and liptints!

Those are facial masks, and things like under-eye circles eye patches, nose patches etc! So many things to try!! My friend and I went crazy- plus almost all their products were on sale!

Eyeshadows!! All looking so pretty and colourful!

And that's their rather famous Baking Soda range!

And then they had all these little cute cupcakes displayed on the makeup counters. My friend and I thought they were fake but they are edible! Although we both did not try it..=(

Here's some eyeliners that they have from different ranges!

And that's their Dr. Lash Ampoule which is said to help lashes grow longer! Does it really work? I wonder...

A huge amount of nail polishes in very cute shades (and that's my hand in the picture- haha!)

And that's their BB Creams, and compact powders, face highlighters etc. The packaging are all so adorable!

And that's the Shini Star range of tinted lipbalms and two colour correcting compact powder's in lavender and peach. =D

So after getting the things we wanted to purchase, we headed outside, yes, OUTSIDE, the shop to queue...

Yea, so that's part of queue, it went all the way around to the other side- Crazy!!! We queued for 2 hours, or was it 2 1/2 hours?? All I know is, it was a bloody long wait- just to pay for the goodies. And the staff were even handing out free bottled water, cupcakes, pink balloons and handheld fans to the customers queueing to pay. I took the fan and bottled water 'cause I was getting all flushed and hot just standing in line waiting. Haha!

And FINALLY, we managed to reach the INSIDE the shop.. Haha! So were bored, we looked up and saw this:-

A pretty chandelier with little glass-looking dolls with pink ribbons hanging from it. Very sweet and definitely suits the theme of the store. =D

So we paid for our goodies, had lunch and then went home 'cause we needed to get back to studying (me) and assignments (her). Haha!

So here's the goodies I got:-

That's the Shinee fan, a tote bag that they give if you spend over RM50 (which I definitely did), and that box at the left corner is a free gift which they give to the first 400 customers who spend over RM100! So now you have a rough idea of how much I spent. Haha!

So those are the goodies that I bought..

Etude House's Oblique Shading Brush

Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam (3 in 1 type)
Etude House Petit Darling Eyes Matte Eyeshadow in 01 Vanilla

Etude House Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer - I bought this as a backup 'cause I already currently have one! HEHE!

Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer in #2 Natural Beige

So those were my goodies that I bought, and here is the gift box that they gave if you spent over RM100.

Such a cute box!

And inside the box I got...

That's the goodies in the box! One thing that kinda irked me off is the mirror with the picture of the girl on it. Can you see it? The picture is peeling off the mirror at the top and bottom, and one part of the picture broke off!! Like why give people something that's peeling?! But anyway, what I wanted to focus on in the gift box is this...

This is a skin malgeum kit! And the kit comes with the following:-
- Exfoliation Toner= Smoother
- Deep Moisture Freshener= Deep Moist
- Moisturising Emulsion
- Facial cotton pads - Clear cotton 5 pads and Soft cotton 3 pads

I can't wait to try all these products out and review them!! Stay tuned for the reviews if you're interested to know! =D

So okay, that's the end of my Etude House and  REALLY gotta run... The clock's ticking and I have a Land Law paper tomorrow... =S

But yea, if you like Etude House products, do check an outlet out 'cause I think the products are still on sale now - up to 50%!

So have a great week ahead!! Take care dearies!

xx Amanda

Note: I am not affiliated with this company, and am not helping them to advertise or promote any of their products. I just wanted to share pictures about the new concept store and the products sold within it.


  1. Wonderful post! I loved all the pictures! I love Etude House too and just seeing all the pictures makes me so happy! :D The stores in your place seem a lot more organized than ours haha

    1. Aww thanks! =) I love etude house too! Nice to find someone who likes the same thing hehe! It does? I thought that was rather messy already haha! How are the stores at your place organised then? =)

    2. Products are crammed together haha! There's lesser space to display the items that's why >.<

      I just love the picture of the lip gloss rack so much~! Thank you again :)

    3. Oh no wonder... I quite dislike it when shops cram things together. =S And you're welcome! Glad it made you smile! =D

  2. Etude House is a good brand!! ^.^ Really, really affordable too, although I can't say the same for their mascaras. Seriously, RM 60? Might as well pay RM 10-15 more for Clinique huhuhuhu~

    I've been through two tubes of the Proof 10 primer. It works like the UDPP, but at the rate that it dries up, you'd be using 3 of them before you finish one UDPP. So I'd prefer getting the UDPP instead.

    1. Yep it is! And YES, their mascaras cost a bomb. I would also rather buy clinique of that's the case. It dries up quick? I didn't know that.. Hmm.. Thanks for the info Hanny! =D

  3. excuse me, how much is the 'surprise essence concealer' ? thankyou :)

    1. Hi! If I remember correctly, it costs RM22.90. =)

  4. hi how much for the baking powder pore cleasing foam

    1. Hi! You can get the cleansing foam in store for about RM36.90.=)


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