Monday, 5 March 2012

Review: Sunsilk Co-Creations Weather Defense Shampoo And Shield & Shine Serum


So I've been using these two products for a while and think it's finally time I give my two cents on them. =)

This is a pretty new range by Sunsilk which claims to have weather-shielding technology and UV filters to help control frizz and maintain your style. The full range consists of the shampoo, conditioner, hair cream and hair serum, but I only got two out the four products just to try.

I'll start with the review of the shampoo first! =D

Product: Sunsilk Co-Creations Weather Defense Shampoo
Price: RM13.90
Made in: Thailand
Content: 350ml

Packaging: The plastic bottle comes in a bright turquoise colour which is eye-catching. Sleek design as well for the shape of the bottle. Gives off a modern feel to it. =) The cap opens to a flat surface with the dispensing hole that dispenses the shampoo properly without me accidentally pouring too much. I dislike the part that it's all flat though, 'cause when the shampoo comes out it tends to smear around the surface, making it messy and wasting product- I end up have to slick it off using my fingers.

A pic of the flat, annoying surface:-

Application/Texture/Consistency: The shampoo is white in colour and opaque. My hair is pretty long (past the shoulder) so I use slightly more than the size of a 50 cent coin for my whole head. A small amount of shampoo lathers up nicely and has a rather thick, creamy texture to it. It also washes off easily.

Scent: I really like the scent of this shampoo. It has a slight floral, bubblegum-ish scent which smells fresh and clean at the same time. =D

How I use it: I take the amount of shampoo that I require and massage it into my scalp in circular motions till it lathers up. I leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

What do I think of it?- I have no idea if it helps protect my hair against the harsh UV rays of the sun, but I did not see any difference in terms of it controlling frizz and maintaining my style. Also, after rinsing it off my hair, my hair felt like straw, was rough with lots of tangles which was a hassle to de-tangle. I've heard people say it made their hair smooth, but somehow that was not the case for me. I did not experience much hair fallout though, and no dandruff or irrtation to to the scalp. 

Price: At RM13.90 a bottle, it's pretty decent pricing- provided the shampoo works for you.

Would I repurchase?- No. It did not work for me (which got me real disappointed as I was so excited about this range- it sounded good!) and made my hair real rough. However, it may work for you. It did for some people. =)

The next product is...

Product: Sunsilk Co-Creations Weather Defense Shield & Shine Serum
Price: RM16.80
Made in: Thailand
Content: 40ml

List of ingredients:

Packaging: The serum comes in a slim, plastic turquoise coloured bottle and an attached pump. I like how it's a pump, so I can easily control how much I dispense. The pump also has an adjustable nozzle which can be locked (by twisting it left and right) to prevent from accidentally pumping out product- plus point! =D It is also easy to tote around anywhere as it is small and light.

Here's a pic of the twist-able nozzle pump:-

Application/Texture/Consistency: This clear coloured serum feels slightly slimy and runny. However, it is easy to spread out and easy to apply onto my hair. It does have a silicon feel to it though, prob 'cause of the -cones listed in the ingredients. It absorbs pretty easily into my hair and makes it feel a tad silkier and smoother. It also makes my hair look slightly shiny without feeling oily or greasy. Hair also looked less frizzy and easier to control. =)

Scent: It smells pretty much like the shampoo- a slight floral, bubblegum-ish scent which also smells fresh.

How I use it?- I pump one pump onto my palms and rub my palms together to heat it up slightly. Then I apply and massage it to the bottom part of my hair, focusing on the ends.

Price: At RM16.80 per bottle, it can be pretty pricey for such a small amount of product. I do find though, that a little product goes a long way so it may be worth it after all. =)

Would I repurchase?- Yes. I do like how it makes my hair feel silkier and shinier. Plus, it is not greasy or oily, which I like as it is pretty hard to find non-greasy/oily hair serums.

So have you given these products a go? What do you think of them? =D

xx Amanda


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  1. I quite like the shine serum :D I find that it makes my hair shinier and easier to manage. Have never tried the shampoo so I can't say much about that, haha :) Anyway, just discovered your blog and thumbs up (!) for the awesome reviews :D


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