Friday, 1 June 2012

May 2012 Favourites

Hi dearies!

So I've never done a post on my monthly favourites before, and decided that I wanted to start doing so. At first I was hesitant to do so, because I tend to find products I like and stick to them like glue, but recently I've been trying out many new products, and I also really like reading blogs and watching Youtube videos of people's monthly favourites  so I guess I can finally start doing a monthly post on different products I'm loving at that point of time!

May was the month of exams for me, so I guess my favourites for May are kinda basic, because I did not really have much time to go out, and when I did, I'd quickly just put something on that's easy and no-fuss. =D

1. Kao Essential Damage Care Rich Premier Shampoo
This is not really a monthly favourite, it's more like an all-time favourite but I just had to mention it anyway. I first tried this shampoo a couple years ago when I was on holiday in Singapore and I fell in love with what it did to my hair. I have rather frizzy hair, and continuous usage of this shampoo has definitely helped make my hair less crazy, plus my hair is so soft just using this alone, without a conditioner. So since then, no turning back. Haha! Sadly, it's not available in Malaysia, though- I get my supply from Thailand. Singapore has it too.

2. Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam
I hauled this product together with other items in this haul and since then, I've been using it everyday as part of my face cleansing routine. I normally use this after removing makeup from my face with a makeup remover as a double cleanse, and I really like how it leaves my skin feeling soft and very clean- though my skin can feel abit tight sometimes. I also realised it's helped reduce the amount of blemishes on my face, so that's a definite brownie point.

3. Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour Perfume
Out of all my perfumes, for some reason I seemed to have reached for this bottle a lot during the month of May. Probably because the scent is so light, yet elegant and feminine at the same time- very wearable and suits many occasions. As much as I love my sweet, girly, vanilla-ish scents, they can give me a headache sometimes when I smell them too much, and I definitely did not want that while trying to memorise a gazillion law cases- that was already a headache in itself! So, this perfume was just right. =)

4. Rimmel London Volume Flash Scandal Eyes Mascara Extreme Black
When I first got this baby and tried it out, The end result was too natural-looking for my liking, and even that required at least 3 coats, which I found to be a huge hassle, and I even considered throwing it out. I decided to give it another shot early May, and this time it worked much better for me. It gave me quite long, luscious-looking lashes in just a few coats without any eye-poking (which I read happened to quite a number of people who've used this), and also did not take long to dry, so I could get pretty lashes in a hurry!

5. Silkygirl Skin Perfect Colour Control 2-Way Foundation in #02 Nude
I received this as part of my goodie bag when I went to the Silkygirl event mid-May, and since then, I have only used this foundation. All my other foundations have been neglected. Haha! It's convenient because it's in powder form and I can quickly just use my Elf Studio Powder Brush to give me a nice, light coverage when I'm on the go. It also helps cover slight redness that I have on my cheeks, so I don't look so splotchy-looking. The shade is also just right for me, yet it has a brightening effect and makes my skin look more fresh- perfect for days when I slept late due to studying and wake up looking half-dead with sallow skin the next morning. Hee! (Review of this product will be coming soon!)

6. Daiso Ellefar Multi Cheek Blush in Peach
I bought this after reading a number of reviews praising this product for its good pigmentation and colour- and I also have to say the same. This blush has really nice pigmentation for a blush that costs only RM5. I chose peach because I wanted something different from the usual pink blushes I own, and although this does lean slightly towards the pinks as well, it does have peach-y, orange-y tones to it, and I like how it makes me look so fresh and glowy. The tiny glitter particles in the product goes nowhere near making me look like a disco ball, so for the price, there really is nothing to complain about. I do worry, though, about whether such a cheap product will not harm the skin, but I guess if I choose to stop using it, it'll barely break the bank. For now, I'm really enjoying it!

7. Elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance
This was part of an Elf haul I got when I was in the UK on holiday last year, but I've only recently opened the packaging and tried it out. And I really like it! Although it claims to be a bronzing powder, I got this in one of the lighter shades (or probably the lightest? I can't remember, sorry) and it ends up being more of a highlighter. As a highlighter, it's brilliant. It gives a nice sheen to my face without looking glittery, making it look very healthy and glowy. I definitely see this as being a staple in my makeup bag.

8. The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Nail Polish in OR201
I'm really enjoying this shade because it's just so fun, bright and summery. It's a pastel yellow/orange which I find a rather unique shade and perfect for the warmer months- 'nuff said (although it's literally summer all-year round here, but, anyway). Haha! You can check out swatches of this colour in this post.

9. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in #169 Eyes On Me
This also is not really a monthly favourite 'cause it's more like one of my favourite.lipstick.shades.ever. Haha! I've had this for a few months, but seeing how this is the first monthly favourites post I'm doing, I just had to include it. Coincidentally, however, I really did reach for this shade the most during May, so it can definitely be considered a May favourite. This colour is a berry wine colour with slight brown undertones. However, applied on the lips it gives the most gorgeous berry colour which I think will suit many skin tones. IMO, this is a universal shade anyone could wear. It is not drying on the lips and glides rather easily on the lips. I'm already thinking of going out to grab another tube as backup!

10. Nivea Lip Care Star Fruits Strawberry Tinted Lipbalm
I like using this for days when I do not really want to apply lipstick yet still want to add more colour to my face. This tinted lipbalm glides on smoothly on my lips, moisturises it, and leaves a sheer red/orange tint to it. I really like tinted lipbalms as I find this is the easiest way to brighten up my face with minimal work needed, yet still looks natural. One thing I like about this is that it tastes yummy, and does not smell or taste like wax (if you've read my previous lipbalm posts you'll know I'm really particular about the wax smell/taste), although I personally prefer the colour of the Cherry Tinted Lipbalm which is also from the Nivea Lip Care range.

11. Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in #16 Wanted!
I own a rather huge amount of lipglosses, but I bought this mainly because I had never seen a pure silver lipgloss in my life. Plus it was so glittery, the glitter-loving girl in me couldn't help purchasing this. It is very glossy, which I like, and is moisturising, although I did find it abit sticky, but it's okay, because the unique part of this lipgloss totally makes up for it. It's unique because when dabbed on the lips without spreading it, it actually stays silver and glittery, giving the lips a very cool, futuristic 3-D look. When spreaded out, the gloss just becomes a normal gloss with glitter. So for 2 different looks with one product, you can probably see why I'm liking it!

And okay, I've rambled so much in this post (but mainly 'cause I'm so excited to do a monthly favourites post hee!) so here's a swatches of the lip products to give you an idea of how they look like:-

So what's your favourite products? =)

xx Amanda


  1. I loveeeee that Nivea lipbalm!!! I love how pigmented it is and so moisturising, too bad you can't get it in the UK, i always have to wait till i go asia to get it :(
    It's sad to say, though i'm from the UK, i haven't actually tried any rimmel products...!

    1. I love it too!! It's definitely very pigmented. If you can't get it in the uk, what Nivea lip products can you get then? Just the basic ones? =) you've never tried Rimmel?? Why not? I think their lipsticks and mascara are brill! =D

  2. Hello! I'm really liking the look of that Daiso blush! For RM5 it's certainly a bargain! Too bad I'm not home at the moment or I'll hit the Daiso closest to my place just to pick this up! My favourite product of the month is Dior's Creme-Gel Compact foundation which seems to work really well during these slightly warmer summer months! =)

    1. Hi! Yea, for RM5 it is a steal! It's very pigmented and the quality totally belies the price.=D when you do get home, definitely pick it up! =D The Dior foundation sounds great, since it's perpetually summer here. Haha! Am tempted to go check out a Dior counter now!

  3. loce the nivea lip tint too;);) it makes my lips look so smooth and shiny with a hin of color:)
    also, itis quite cheap!!!

    1. I agree! It's an amazing product for the price. =D

  4. I love that lip balm by Nivea :)

    1. Glad you do! It's a classic favourite of mine! =)


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