Thursday, 14 June 2012

My Top 10 Nail Colours for Summer 2012

Hey lovelies!

So okay, I know it's literally summer all year round here in Malaysia, but in many countries, summer has just arrived and I thought I'd share my current favourite nail colours that I would definitely be flashing my digits with if summer had just arrived. =D

1. The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Nail Polish in GR501
Ice cream colours IMO are perfect for summer and this creme polish is a lovely pastel mint green which reminds me of chocolate chip mint ice cream! Going by online swatches, I liken GR501 to Essie's Mint Candy Apple because the colours look almost identical. So this is a cheaper alternative for those who do not want to splurge!

2. Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish Fruities in 058 Lemon Drops
Because pastel yellow is always a summer favourite. =)

3. The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Nail Polish in RD301
IMO, everyone needs a good bright red lacquer to add extra oomph to those digits! =D

4. Elianto Nail Colour in 05 Peach Orange
I always tend to associate peach and coral tones with summer, so to me, this colour is a must-have!

5. Elianto Sparkling Diva Nail Colour in 05 Flaming Pink
Colours get brighter and brighter as summer nears and this colour is no exception. This shimmer neon pink colour definitely seeks attention- in a good way!

6. Miss Sporty Lasting Colour Nail Polish in Hypnotic Turquoise
Because this reminds me of the ocean sparkling under bright sunlight! =D

7. The Face Shop Nail Colour in OR203
Described as the Colour of the year by Pantone, orange definitely fits in easily with the colours of this hot season!

8. Holika Holika Nail Polish in 03 Natural Medium
For those who prefer a more natural look, this taupe-y grey colour will probably be your thing!

9. Elianto Nail Colour in S10
This grape Slurpee colour is absolutely gorgeous for summer- 'nuff said. =)

10. OPI Nail Lacquer in Pink-ing of You
Because pink always looks fresh and girly during summer!

So that concludes my must-have shades for summer this year. Those are just the nail polishes that I own but there are many similar alternatives out there in the market. =) Do let me know which nail colours you think are perfect for summer. I would love to know! =D

xx Amanda


  1. If I'm not wrong, I think China Glaze has made its way to KL so do try them out as they apply like a dream! My personal favourites for summer are pastel colours as they really perk my mood up! Elianto's Peach Orange looks like something I'd choose to wear on nearly a daily basis! =D

    1. They have? Cool! I will search for them. Thanks for the info! I agree, pastel colours really do lift moods. =) plus, they're cute colours to look at! Elianto Peach Orange is a gorgeous colour- do check it out! =D

  2. It seems that The face shop makes really nice nail polish!!! :):) I will definitely check this out!!!!!! It' actually chesper than opi :)

    1. Yea they do make very pretty colours, and much cheaper than opi, china glaze and many others! Yes do check them out, don't think you'll regret! =D

  3. I love nude color nail polish:)
    thx for yr review, i didnt know the face shop make good nail polish :P


    1. Oh nude coloured nail polish is definitely pretty! Plus it matches everything. Hehe! And you're welcome! Yea they do make pretty good nail polish- about a quarter of my collection comes from the face shop since it's affordable. =D


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