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Tip: How to Use Eye Makeup to Brighten Your Eyes

Along with never being able to style your hair the way a professional stylist can, not being able to reproduce celebrity make up styles can be extremely infuriating. Of course, part of the problem is that they are probably paying thousands for professional stylists to take care of their makeup and other aspects of their appearance, whereas you are likely left to do it yourself.

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With that in mind, we put together a list of top tips that will help you get your makeup designs and bright eyes as close as possible to that of your favourite celebrity icons.

· Use a bright eye pencil for the corner of your eye or lashline. Highlight your eyes by using the brightest pencil possible.

· The same principles apply above your upper eye lid, go for a high sheen colour, ideally a white or a silver will have the biggest and best brightening effect.

· If a white or silver is going to be too obvious, then you might prefer a nude shade, such as a peach or beige. While nude shades often work well, ensure that they differentiate from any foundation or concealer you may be using so your eyes stand out and are much brighter.

· Use concealer on the outer corners of your eyes for a brighter, healthier look.

· Use a shimmer product on the skin between your eye and the bridge of your nose. The shadow effect created will instantly make your eyes bigger and brighter to look at.

· A common mistake many women make is to match an eye shadow to the colour of their eyes. This is actually a big mistake, use lighter variants of the eye colour to accentuate the size of your eyes and make them appear much brighter. For example, blue eyes are made to look much better by grey or slate shade that puts the focus firmly on the eyes themselves.

· Go for a darker shade on the outside of the eyelid, sweeping across and adding a brighter colour to contrast the shadow you have created from the nose.

Top Tip!

· Liquid eyeliners and shadow products last a lot longer than pencils and powder. The great thing with liquid products is that you can get multiple uses from them, for example you can sometimes produce an eyebrow colouring.

· Follow simple principles when putting your various shades on, as you would if you were painting. Start with the lightest shade, build up with darker ones before framing the look with a black liner or pencil.

Experiment with your eye makeup, have some fun, and see how your eyes begin to appear brighter than ever before.

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