Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tip: How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow

Hiya darlings!

Broken eyeshadow or blushes can be a pain and a total heartache, especially when it's just brand new. That's what happened to my eyeshadow trio here. I had the most unfortunate day where I dropped them and they were brand new. They initially looked like this:-

And then went to looking like this:-

Mind you, the white eyeshadow was all in pieces but in the picture above I had already pushed and pressed a lot of the pigment back into the pan otherwise I don't know if I'd be able to snap this picture without pigment flying all over the place. Haha!

So I scoured the Word Wide Web looking for solutions, and after checking out many articles and videos, I finally decided to do what I did and I will share that with you today. =)

Please note that in the pictures below, I had already fixed my eyeshadow but am just showing you pictures so you get a better understanding (hopefully!) =D

Things you need:

- surgical spirit (also known as rubbing alcohol)
- a coin that can fit into your eyeshadow pan
- a piece of cloth or kleenex


1. Pour some surgical spirit into the bottle cap and then pour a few drops into the eyeshadow until it is damp.

2. Wrap the coin in cloth and apply some surgical spirit to the surface area of the coin wrapped in cloth. This is to ensure that the eyeshadow will not stick or cling to the cloth when you use this to press into the eyeshadow.

3. Press the coin firmly into eyeshadow, and after you've pressed it to your liking, leave it to dry, and you're done. I left mine to dry overnight for good measure (and also because  poured in a little too much surgical spirit which left my eyeshadow oozing it) but it normally dries quicker than that. Also, the cloth leaves a textured effect on the eyeshadow so I swirled my finger in the eyeshadow to smoothen those lines out while the eyeshadow was still wet.

And here's the end result:-

I'm very pleased that they turned out well, and although they will never look as pretty as they once did, they are still completely useable and the quality of the pigments were not affected.

So I hope you found this helpful and all the best if you're reading this because you've broken an eyeshadow or two just like me! As for me, my days of worrying about what to do with a broken eyeshadow are over because this method is tried and tested and it really does work! =)

xx Amanda


  1. Its very helpful. Thanks for sharing ;)

    1. Glad you found it of help! You're welcome! =D

  2. I didnt know how to save normally I just leave it aside and buy new one. Now I finally know how to save :D


    1. Hi Carolyn! I know what you mean, except that I'd empty the eyeshadow into a little pot and try to use it that way. Glad this has helped you! =D


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