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Review: Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace

Hello dearies!
So I know I'm probably like the last to jump on the bandwagon to write about this product but I thought I'd write about this anyway since it's so raved about by many and is available in certain places!


When this initially came out earlier this year, I saw it and thought 'nah, not interested', but only after it passed its limited edition date did I realise I wanted it. Haha! So I spent many days reading blogs giving reviews about it; and the more I read, the more I knew I had to have it. So I bugged the boyfriend to help me get it and bring it home, and he went to his local Superdrug but it was not displayed on counters, so he asked the sales assistant and they brought it out from the drawers! I am so blessed. =D It's quite funny because he purposely brought this home for me, and now that I'm in the UK, I brought it back with me. I also have this in Sugar but I'll write about that another time. Hee! Anyway, I'm rambling a wee bit too much so let's get on to the review. =)


Product: Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace
Price: £10 (approx. RM50)
Made in: Taiwan
Content: 20grams

Here's the list of ingredients as well as the description about the product:-

Packaging: This product comes in very sleek, black compact plastic case which looks quite classy to me. It is simple packaging, which I like, but what I like more is the fact that the product is fills up the whole of the inside of the packaging, which is good as they minimise wastage of space and maximise the amount of the product. It comes with a full mirror which makes it very handy to apply and bring this on the go for touch ups. This does not come with a brush which IMO is better as they give more product which is more important to me and also because I don't use brushes that come included with products. It is also very lightweight and is approximately the size of an iPhone or iPod Touch 4th Gen.

Colour: This blush palette contains 3 different blush colours which (from left to right, if I'm not mistaken) are Crochet, Guipure and Chantilly.
- Crochet: A bright peach/orange shade with slight red undertones in a matte texture
- Guipure: A warm peach/pink with very tiny gold flecks in a shimmer texture. The gold flecks are tiny enough that they shimmer and make the face look glowy instead of looking like a discoball
- Chantilly: A very bright pink/red in a matte texture

l-r: Crochet, Guipere, Chantilly

l-r: Crochet, Guipere, Chantilly - taken with flash

Application/Texture/Consistency: Applying these powder blushes are super easy- they are very blendable and have a very smooth texture. They are also highly pigmented so a little, and I mean little (because I used a bit too much a couple of times and looked similar to a clown. Haha!), goes a long way and is all you need to get that natural-looking flush on the cheeks. Also, they are buildable so for those who like more colour on the cheeks can easily just layer the colour without any problems. I found Guipere to be the most pigmented and long-lasting, whereas Crochet and Chantilly had a slight chalky feel to them and were not as pigmented.
Durability: I wore this on for a good 6 hours without it fading, although it did fade gradually after that. Pretty good lasting power IMO! =)

How I use it: I just use a brush, press it very lightly into the product about 2-3 times until there's colour deposited on my brush, and then I apply it onto my cheeks, blending it out.

Here's how the colours look like blended out:-

l-r: Crochet, Guipere, Chantilly

l-r: Crochet, Guipere, Chantilly - taken with flash

The pictures show that when blended out, Crochet and Chantilly are toned down and look more wearable. Although they may not be colours usually worn, I like both of them because they both provide an interesting hint of colour to the cheeks without looking unnatural (provided I don't put on too much!). Guipere reflects light and looks glowy in both the unblended and blended pictures and is best used to give a healthy glow and flush to the cheeks, IMO. It also wins hands down in terms of pigmentation as it really has very good pigmentation. I honestly can't decide which is my favourite shade out of the three as I like them all and they are suitable for many occasions, depending on which colour I feel like using. As the colours are buildable, it is very likely that this blush set will suit many skin tones; either wear less, or wear more. =)

Would I purchase this?- Definitely, athough I think this will last me ages. The product is a very good deal as I get three very good blushes for a small price. The amount of product I get for the price I paid is also something that I cannot complain about- it really is worth the purchase.

Where can I purchase this?- This product can be found in selected Superdrug stores (I'm not sure which) but the ones which I do know carries this product is the Superdrug in Broad St, Reading; the Superdrug in Cardiff city and the Superdrug in Marble Arch where it has been made permanent. Otherwise, for those who do not live in the UK, fret not as the product is available online at their website and they have international shipping, if I'm not mistaken.

Have you tried this? Love it/hate it? Have you seen any other Superdrug stores which sell this product? Do let me know! =D

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated to this company in any way. The link provided to their website is just information given to inform readers on where to purchase the product.

xx Amanda


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