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Review: Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in #107 Wine

Hello dolls!

I've been wanting to blog so bad for a while now but have been pretty caught up with many things recently so I have not had much time to do so. Just handed in a major assignment, and what with the four-day weekend now here, I thought I'd do a little review post. I feel like its been a while since I did one, especially one about a lipstick! Also, to everyone celebrating Easter, wishing you a Blessed Easter!

I have had this lipstick for a few months now- got it late last year but never got around to blogging about it. It's funny how I decided to write about it just as winter is coming to an end and spring is starting (although the weather doesn't feel very spring-like to me at the mo').

Product: Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in #107 Wine
Price: £5.49 (approx. RM27.45)
Made in: England
Content: 4grams
Colour: When I first saw this lipstick, I was immediately drawn to it. I love deep berry purple/red shades and this ticked all those boxes. Wine is a gorgeous berry plum shade with red undertones. The word that constantly pops into my head each time I look at this lippie is 'Bordeaux'- I think that's the word to best describe this colour. This is a colour which adds warmth and brightness to the face without washing it out. It is a perfect lipstick shade for autumn and winter, but being me, I'll most probably wear it in spring and summer too if it fits my mood. I can imagine shade suiting many different skin tones, and although it may be abit of a bold colour, it does not scream "look at me" and would be a good choice for those wanting to venture into trying bolder lip colours but are still unsure of pulling off a bright red, hot pink or coral lip.

As I was typing this I thought of the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in #169 Eyes on Me which looks like a shade very similar to this. I must swatch these two side by side and see how they compare, so do look out for a short comparison post on that! =)

Scent: This lipstick has a light fragrance to it- I can't put my finger on what exactly it smells like, but it smells floral-like to me. Those of you who detest fragranced products may not like the scent, but it doesn't bother me. It's not overpowering at all, and once applied on the lips the scent fades away.

Packaging: This lipstick comes in a red tube made of sturdy plastic. The plastic has a matte texture with the Rimmel logo embossed on the top of the cap and Kate Moss's signature on the cap for an extra touch. It's not luxurious packaging, but it does not look cheap either. Just simple, eye-pleasing packaging. It's very lightweight though, which is good for toting around in my handbag, and even after moving around in my handbag and dropping it a few times (not intentionally) it has not cracked- which is a good thing. I'm not one who bothers much about packaging, so it doesn't really matter to me how it looks; if the product is good and as long as it doesn't break in my bag- I'm good! =)
Application/Texture/Consistency: Wine is one lipstick which applies easily on my lips- I had no problems with gliding it on my lips as well as when dabbing the colour on. It has quite a creamy texture for a lipstick which claims to give a matte finish and it did not dry out my lips until about two hours later, so I guess I would say it has decent moisturising properties. It also does not bleed into the fine lines on my lips Although Rimmel says this is a matte lipstick, I feel that it leaves a slight satin finish on my lips- which to me is not a bad thing as it gives that oh-so-tiny hint of shine to my lips which helps make it look fuller. One swipe of this on my lips also leaves a pretty opaque finish, but I normally put two layers on my lips for good measure. I also like how this product can be lightly applied on the lips to give that pretty 'berry stained lips' look that I absolutely adore! The only downside I found of this product is that it emphasises the fine lines on my lips, as well as any uneven or bumpy patches on the lips (like dry skin on the lips), and also because it dried my lips out after a while, I'd feel a bit uncomfortable. However, all these are tiny problems which can be easily solved by giving the lips a light scrub before applying this lipstick as well as using lipbalm whenever the lips feel dry, so I don't feel like they are major drawbacks of this product.
Here are some swatches:-
Durability: This lipstick lasted approximately 5-6 hours on my lips before fading completely. This is after I blot it once and applied another layer on top of that, and it stays put even after I have a meal or drink- not bad lasting power!
And here are some lip swatches:-

Picture taken indoors with natural light (my glasses look huge!)
Would I repurchase?- Maybe. I really like the shade of this lipstick, no doubt about that, but there are other berry red shades out there that I have my eye on so I may purchase those instead of buying this again. But if I don't buy the others, I'll most likely purchase this again.

Where can I purchase this?- In the UK, you can get this at Boots or Superdrug. I am not sure if this is sold in Malaysia (to my lovelies back home, if you've seen this in store please do let me know =D) so I cannot comment on that, but I do hope that it's sold back home too!

Have you tried this lipstick? Like it/Dislike it? Any Rimmel lipsticks you would recommend? =D

xx Amanda


  1. Beautiful red cherry color, however the lipstick looks dry on the container :(

    1. Hi! yes it is a gorgeous colour- I was hoping it would look more plum-ish on me but it turned out more red, still pretty though. Yeah it is pretty drying, sometimes, because of the matte finish it gives. Applying lipbalm before this solves everything! =)

  2. Love how your posts are so detailed. Your reviews are fab! I definitely need to try the Kate collection, it came out so long ago now and I really need to just buy a few as I love matte lipsticks.

    Thank you for sharing this colour, I love deep plums.

    Lots of love, Jayde-Paris xxxx

    1. Thank you- am glad you enjoyed reading my posts.=) Yes do give them a go- they're really good quality and a thing to have if since you like matte lipsticks!

  3. This is such a gorgeous colour! I agree with you that the lipstick isn't completely matte, but it is a good thing that it doesn't dry our your lips. I expected the colour to be more darker on your lips but strangely it turned into quite a pink shade! I wasn't really interested in any of the shades that were offered with this Rimmel's Kate Moss Matte range.

    1. Agreed! Yeah, I thought the same thing too. Was hoping it would be more plum-like but it turned reddish-pink. Oh, that's a shame. This colour is really nice though, and really brightens the complexion. =)

  4. Your Blog is lovely! I have followed you

  5. That colour looks fabulous! I think I need to try it! xo

    1. Yes do! Would love to know if you like it. =)

  6. If you build it up more with like 2 layers it looks darker! Well on me anyway! It truly looks like dark wine. I wish I could show you lol but since I can't. I guess you'll just have to believe me! :)

    1. I believe you! I tried it and it does look darker! =D


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